A Full Day Turned Half!

Thur. May 31, 2018

It was supposed to be a long one today.

Up at 7:30am and not to move my car or because of an alarm. I went to bed before 12 last night so my internal alarm kicked in. It felt great. I even jumped on the morning conference call. It had been a while since I took the time to focus on my own business. I have been so focused on other projects and hanging out that my focus has been distorted. But I did not stay awake after it. I had a 15 minute gap between call end and my actual alarm going off to get up for work. Those 15 minutes turned into 30!

I was out of the house by 9:15. I left early to get coffee but then hit traffic. The GPS wanted me to avoid it but I wanted to go the way I knew. Thank goodness the plan was to be ahead of schedule. A half an hour drive turned into 45 minutes. Once the lanes opened up I took off. It was time to get a few minutes back. Lucky for me the lady I work with got hit with traffic as well so there was extra time to stop for coffee.

Across the street from where we were meeting was a small 6 – 8 store shopping centering. Talk about convivence, Starbucks happened to be one of those stores. Being about 63 degrees out, for some reason cold drinks seemed right. I ordered an iced French vanilla latte and an ultra caramel frappe. This was the first time I had ever ordered or heard of an iced latte. I thought they were always sold hot, I might have to try one next time.

Starbuck's - Ultra Caramel Frappuccino

(photo found on Google images)

We made it to each other!

We started work early, 10:15am. The tension was clear today, nothing like yesterday. I was glad for it because I missed our usual selves. I showed my gratitude from my sister for the stuffed animal she was given yesterday and expressed how much it meant.

For an hour, 12 – 1pm, we were non-stop. It was our first time being at this new location so we were unprepared for what came. That hour was back to back with no room to breathe and I am pretty sure it showed. I could barely keep up. I might have even stopped at one point in confusion. But it turned out great. The day did end fast as well which was a first in our books.

Pier time! Wait!?

For the second half of the day we were supposed to be at the pier. With the weather gloomy, clouds gray and threats of rain fall the pier shut down. It was canceled even before the supposed rain fell. So, my day was cleared and I was free to do as I pleased.

I got home early, around 3:30pm. Showered up and jumped onto WordPress. I missed out this morning and was glad to have the time to sit in my chair and focus on the screen. Then my mother came with my nephew so I had to stop and greet them. So much for focus because I did more than say hello. I got caught up in the excitement of having my nephew that we played for about an hour. My Word document was never finished.

Around 6:45 I got dressed to go. I made plans to see my girlfriend. She had signed up for a free online course on how to market and increase her Instagram follows for business. Most of the time things like this are basically a fish line with bait. This one turned out to be exactly that. At the end of the seminar we had the option to purchase a very pricey online program. Granted it sounded good, seemed to have great perks and the information was good, the price was still too high. Either way, with the information provided we were able to understand the gist of it and hopefully put it into practice soon.

Afterwards we laid back and watched two episodes of “The Good Doctor”.


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