Pretty In Pink?

Tues. May 29, 2018 

I was supposed to be alone today. I needed, maybe wanted, to be alone today. But I heard a cry. For a second, I thought I was dreaming so I laid in bed, still, waiting for the sound. Once more I heard the cry. It was my nephew. But why? 

When I woke up at 10:30am I went to see. Was he here? When I walked out the door I saw my parents. With my father was the baby. I did not know they would be here nor did I know my sister left her baby.  

My day started around 11:30. After showing my nephew some love I sat in front of my computer to write a bit. In doing so I realized a new article was needed for the Motivation page. I did not look for one but it is on the list of things to do. Also on that list was laundry. I washed a load of work clothes and called it a day. Then I took a seat and caught up with the Japanese wine drama I started watching a few days ago.  

Something new to check off the books. 

At 2:30pm I jumped in the shower. I needed to get ready to go. My girlfriend had a 3 hour gap and wanted to hang out. The plan was an odd one but at a place she was very familiar with. For the first time I was taken to a nail salon to actually get ‘pampered.’ I believe it was called a pedicure. To start off I sat in a massage chair and set it to focus on my shoulders. While getting my back pummeled I had my feet soaking in some kind of soapy water. At this point I was bored 

After about 25 minutes my girlfriend and I were attended to. I am very ticklish at the bottom of my feet so I was curious to see how they handled me. Also, I do not like having my nails clipped by someone else, it feels weird. Speaking of that, it was the first thing done. I had a book with me to use as a distraction but I ended up putting it down to watch the ladies work. I could see the experience in their actions. We were in good hands. 


(photo found on Google images)

Once the clipping was done a sanding block was bought out from the shadows of her tool basket. I thought for sure I would have to pull away with laughter but I was wrong. She went to town on the bottom of my foot, scraping away. It was not painful but there also was no time for laughter. Then came the legs and feet massage. Whatever scrub she used hurt more than getting sanded. The massage was nice but the scrub felt like that time I fell off of my skateboard into gravel.  

To spice things up and bring some joy into everyone’s lives, I decided to do it. I had my big toes painted pink to match with my girlfriend. The ladies working on us found it funny. They were able to laugh and I was glad to aid in that. I figured why not get the full experience since I was there.  

That was a once in a lifetime experience. 

On the way home, we stopped at Target. We wanted snacks so we went in with a mission mindset. Target has two entrances, one on the side with food, medical and household supplies. On the other side games, movies, and sporting equipment. We parked on the food side. Once in, we went straight to the cookie isle. Oreo‘s! Two kinds – regular and cinnamon bun. Then we made a move to get a shower curtain and on the way out picked up a bag of Dorito chips, spicy sweet chili. 

Finally home my girlfriend had to take a moment to play with my nephew. Afterwards we had half an hour to enjoy snack time and watch The Good Doctor.” She left at 6:45pm to head to a work dinner. She was meeting with a few coworkers to discuss new projects. I ate at home. But one of my favorite dishes, carne guisada. Right before bed, I jumped on Twitch to support my best friend. I watched Blindspot to end the night.  

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