The Day I Lost My Dog, R.I.P 

Sat. May 26, 2018 

The hardest day of my life…

I woke up without wanting to leave. But I had plans, fun ones.  

I tried to wake up at 9am but since I went to bed at 4 in the morning it was rough. I did not roll out of bed until 10:45am. It was going to be 91 degrees today so I got dressed in the best summer wear I could find. It had been a while since I wore shorts and it felt great. On the way out of the house I had a banana for breakfast to go with my vitamin. 

Before actually leaving the house, I ran upstairs to check on my sister’s dog. She left last night around 1:30am to beat the traffic on the way to Ohio. She has a friend that lives out there and wanted to celebrate her birthday together. This was also my nephews first time to Ohio so it was exciting. But something was off. Immediately I did not feel right. Usually Precious, the dog, is playful but for some reason was calm. She also drank two bowls of water back to back and had no interest in eating. It was very unusual. But I picked up her mess, tried my best to feed her (no luck), and took off. 

12:30pm. Time to begin my journey. 

The first and most important thing was making a bank run. My account was low and needed some funds. I had my money pilling up at home, which is not safe, because I had not had the time to make a deposit. Feeling good about my newly funded account I made my next stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. The other day I had an amazing flavored frozen coffee that I needed another dose of. The delicious pistachio frozen coffee. This time I got a large to pair up with the weather. Finally, on my way to the actual target with the windows down, music loud and having a great time. To Merrill Park I went where the company I work for was having a picnic. I was late, arriving at 1pm, but most people showed up right with me.  

Then the unexpected happened.  

Around 2pm my mother calls me crying. She had went to check on the dog only to witness an unforgettable sight. Precious was laid out on the floor not moving. I dropped everything from my hands and without saying bye took off. I became speed racer within a moment’s notice. The road become mine as my senses heightened.  

Home in a flash, I ran upstairs. I had told my mother to put her in the tub and run a cold shower. It is said that for a baby having a seizer it helps with body temperature so I figured it could help this situation as well. I found Precious still in the tub with a wet towel over her. After rubbing her and talking to her she started to respond slowly. Once I saw her attempting to move I took her out of the tub and placed her onto a dry towel that I had laid out on the floor. Then I wrapped her in it to dry her off a bit. A year ago almost to date she had her first seizer but walked it off after an hour and a half of rest. Little did I know this was just the beginning. 

About an hour later she got up and tried to walk. She was successful with my aid but she was not fully coherent. She was walking but blindly. She could sense the doors, walls, and my hands but nothing more. She trailed around the hallway like a zombie clinging to the wall. Shortly after she was on her second seizer. All I could think was, Why did my sister go away this weekend? 

With this one I knew all hope was lost but I tried to help her anyway. I could sense the fight in her. She wanted to be better but did not know how to. When she would try to force herself, I would sooth her into laying back down. She needed to regain strength before attempting to walk again. After about 3 hours, it was now 9pm, I knew she was not going recover. She had tried to walk only to fall over and seize again. This time I knew all the care I was providing her with was not going to help. I was losing her. I rushed her to the animal emergency room where the doctor told me what I had already known. I hoped for different words.  

10:30pm comes around and I have to sign off on a nightmare. 

I had to sign a euthanized sheet. Precious had another seizure on site with the veterinaries watching over her and nothing in their power to help. She was unresponsive. My sister and I could not stand to see her suffer. We waited for an hour before making the final decision but the time was selfishly for our sake. We could not bear the thought of losing her.  

As they brought Precious in the room she laid still with a blank stare. I would like to believe she knew I was there but I was not sure. As she laid there she began to have another episode. After seeing it so many times in one day my heart was broken. The best thing that happened was the medicine she got to calm her down. It was bitter sweet. I knew what was next. It was time to ease her pain. The part I wish I did not have to witness. It was time to take away the pain and put her mind at ease.  

The most difficult part was doing all of this through FaceTime with my sister. This dog, Precious, has been part of the family for 14 years and with a snap was no more. She was brought into our home when she was just a month old. The smallest cutest pup. I left the house with a dog and walked back in without one. Truly an unbelievable day. But she survived cancer, lost a toe, brought us great joy, had an amazing mustache, looked the best scruffy, and lived to see my sister give birth. You will forever be missed. We love you, Precious the miniature Schnauzer.  


Precious Rodriguez  

05/14/2004 – 05/26/2018  



Thank you front desk lady for letting me use your phone. I tried to keep it as dry as possible but it was hard. 

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