Pier Power With A Dead Fridge!

Fri. May 25, 2018 


The later I go to bed the harder it is to wake up in the mornings. I do not understand how people wake up with 3 – 6 hours of sleep and are fully functional. For the longest time I always thought something was wrong with me but with every yearly check-up I pass with an A+. I am perfectly healthy but still always tired. I wonder what it could be? 

The day starts! 

My alarm was set to go off at 8:30 in the morning. I had high hopes of that happening but did not get up until 10:30am. My plan to take advantage of the small gap before work was ruined. Nothing that I planned to do got done. Even with an hour to spare, time went by faster than I could use it.  

Work started at 12:30pm at Pier 13. Our weekly scheduled date. From where I live the drive takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. In order to make it on time I typically leave an hour a head. But today the GPS said 35 minutes so I left a bit later at 11:45. That was a mistake. When I got in the car I realized that I had forgot to get gas last night. I was going to be late for sure 

Officially on the road by noon I tried my best to rush through traffic. I did not get far because every highway I needed to take was too tight to make any decent moves. By the time I got to the parking garage to leave to my car it was 12:45. An exact hour’s trip between getting gas, highway jams and paying the meter. As I was walking to meet the lady I work with she was driving off. She needed to make a run to the store for a few things. Setting up was my priority! 


(photo found on Google images)

A big headache.  

The one thing I hate the most is having power issues, especially in the summer. On the hottest day possible I could not get the power to work. I must have tried nine different outlets at least three times each with no positive outcome. Something around us kept throwing the reset switch on the power box. I literally had to stop, take a breath and tell myself that I was going to have to tap into my island blood and work in the heat. (Little fun fact about me: anything over 68 degrees and I get cranky.) After about an hour of aggravation we, the lady I work with, an employee of the pier and I, figured out it was the fridge through process of elimination. The fridge died! Good thing we had a spare one, not as big, to keep the important items cold.  

After figuring that out, the rest of the day went well. At first things started off slow but around 4:30 – 5pm it began to pick up. Foot traffic was heavy, it was a nice warm night and people were ready to wind down after work. I must have drunk 5 bottles of water and 2 cans of soda just to keep myself hydrated. It was so consistent that I barely had a chance to eat a full meal. I picked at things here and there just to keep my stomach from eating itself. There was no time for anything.  

Around 11:30pm we finished up and shut down. Everyone but us was ready to leave. One by one they drove past us and said ‘good night.’ By 12:30am we were alone with security. Luckily his job requires him to be there overnight or else the guilt of making him wait for us would have been horrible. By 1am we finally left and were on our way home.  


(photo found on Google images)

Late night drive to Ohio. 

My sister was leaving to Ohio for the weekend to celebrate her birthday with an old college friend. It was way past 1 in the morning but her plan was to beat the crazy Memorial Day traffic out of the state. To be honest I would have never thought of that and left during traffic hour. She definitely thought it though. After saying goodbye to her and my nephew I hoped in the shower to wash off the sweat. I finished washing a load of clothes that were in the washer and sat down to write for a bit. By 3:45am I was in bed ready to go into a deep sleep. 


I still have to wake up early tomorrow. Things must get done! 

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