When You Work, You Get Rewarded!

May 24, 2018 

My nephew is going to be a lady killer! 

I got in after my sister last night, meaning that my car was blocking her in the driveway. At 7am I had to get up to move it. On the way out the door I saw my nephew for 2 seconds. He was dressed in the cutest outfit I have seen on him yet. He wore a polo onesie, tan shorts and had on matching white booties. I am more than confident that he will come home with a few play dates set up.  

Back inside from moving and still tired. I had an extra hour to rest so I laid in bed until my 8:30 alarm went off. Unfortunately, it did not work out as planned. My sisters dog barked the entire time so no matter how bad I wanted to sleep I just laid still with my eyes closed. At least my body got rest.  

Finally up I got ready for work. Before leaving I sat at the kitchen table and ate bowl of Fruity Pebbles. A great childhood cereal that I could eat forever. I also took my multivitamin with it. Why is it recommended with food if it is a vitamin? I thought only medicine was taken with food. I should Google it. 


(photo found on Google images)

9:30am. Day 2 working doubles. 

Another long one today with a heavier workload. First up was at Verizon headquarters. We come to this location about once a month when space is available. Today things were really looking good. It was nice and hot. The company even had someone come out and set up Olympic Day theme with a few games. It reminded me of my elementary school day. Besides us they even had a few other vendors with great food.  

For 2 hours we were non-stop busy. The more we finished the more came. It was as if the company was endless. But everyone was patient which made things move a lot smoother. I also believe we are extremely loved there because of how people actually go out their way to look for us. They check the social media, lock in dates and write list of food to take home. I see some of the same faces once a month without a doubt. It is like we have our own little client base within the massive building. But it could be my imagination. 

4:30pm. The same as yesterday. 

Before heading to our next location for dinner we stopped at 99 Ranch once again. This time for a few things for tomorrow night. For tonight we were set and ready to go. 

But I could not just leave. There is always one thing that I have to do if I want to walk out the exit door. My 99 Ranch ritual, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. I had it yesterday but it does not matter how many times a week I enter 99 Ranch, I must get a drink. Today’s beverage was a mango Yakult. The day is well over 80 degrees and this drink is refreshing in so many ways.  


(photo found on Google images)

Standing in front of the market we decide to get something to eat instead of what we already had. Within the shopping complex was a Popeyes. We figure ordering something for takeout would be a good choice. It was really her idea considering all she wanted was a biscuit and I was satisfied with my drink. Granted the biscuits are the best part of the meal but I have to be in the mood to actually enjoy their food. 

5pm. At last! 

Finally at our last shift we set up for business. While we waited for people to walk by we picked at the meal from Popeyes. She had ordered half spicy and half regular chicken but either the cashier did not pass on the message or we have no taste buds. But she had hot sauce and a biscuit with honey so she did not care. I had some fries to start off with. I was more interested in my drink from CoCo than food so I saved it for later. 


(photo found on Google images)

Compared to earlier service was slow. Typically it is so it was not a shock. But we always hope for the best. You never know until you know. One day we might just be surprised. 

But what was a surprise is how quickly set packed up. We shut down at 8:30pm, actually on time, and hit the road home by 9. I was so glad to be getting home early that I had my music on loud and did the happy dance the entire drive. 

After the piece of chicken around 6pm I never had dinner. As soon as I got home, I sat on my floor and ate while watching DashieGames on the big screen. By 11:30 I was ready for bed but for reason got caught up with Word and ended up in bed by 1am.  

There is still hope to sleep early tomorrow. (Maybe not.) 

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