Employee Appreciation Is Important !

May 23, 2018 

Back to the grind! 

Today is going to be a long one. The lady I work with and I will be working a double but they seem easy. To get the day started off I woke up at 8:30am and jumped right into my clothes. I put on workout joggers with the elastic band around the ankle and a V-neck t-shirt. The joggers will come in handy when it gets hot because they can be pulled up for air with ease. Then to the kitchen where I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes to be paired with my vitamin before heading out.  

10:30am. First up! 

On the way to the first location I made a pitstop at Starbucks. Normally I would have gotten a coffee but it was already hot leaving my throat dry for something else. Besides that, a new item on the menu caught my eye. I picked up an iced Americano for her and a peach citrus white tea for myself. Since it was new to me, I did not know if it would taste good so to play it safe I order a medium. One sip and I knew next time I would be getting a large! 

(photo found on Google images)

About 2 minutes away I pulled into the parking lot of a Wayfair warehouse. I did not ask why we were there but it might have been for some form of employee appreciation. They were playing catch with a football, kicking around a soccer ball and truly each other’s company. For an hour we served whoever came out. For a big place, not many people were around. It might have been for a single department now that I think about it. Either way it was nice to be a part off. 


(photo found on Google images)

2:30pm. Making our way! 

We had about 3 or 4 hours before our next shift started. That gave us plenty of time to restock and prepare.  

First stop, the one and only, 99 Ranch. Whenever we need to kill time or pick up miscellaneous items we stop there. But things were different today. We actually went shopping for things that we needed right away and not tomorrow or the day after. We did not just walk around waiting for time pass but actually filled up a cart making it almost impossible to push.  

On the way out, we stopped at what has become a ritualistic spot for drinks, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice. For a nice hot day like today, I picked up a large caramel milk tea with lychee jelly. To finish off our shopping list we made one more stop at another market about 2 minutes away. We needed vegetables and H-Mart had a bigger, cheaper selection. 


(photo found on Google images)

4pm. I do not need my car. 

Our next location was about 30 minutes from her house. Since we were at the markets by her house it seemed smarter to drop off my car and ride in together. As I was parking in the driveway her son comes out to greet me. I thought he was still in school so it was a good surprise. He had a buddy over and was getting ready to head out when I showed up. While he finished getting dressed we talked for a bit. On the way out the door I got to test his new longboard. He recently started riding and so far is way better than I ever was. It felt good to test it. Different from what I am used to but more my style. I have not ridden one in about a year and it might be time for a new board. I always wanted a Nickel! 

5pm. Second location, Westin hotel? 

I have never heard of the Westin. It was my first time ever seeing its logo and hearing the name. I am used to the popular names like the Hilton, Hampton, or Marriot. 


(photo found on Google images)

Finally parked and set up we were ready to serve the masses. I believe it was the same occasion like earlier, employee appreciation. This time it was very different with a very different crowd. There were no footballs, soccer balls, or any sport activities. The only outdoors fun they had were wine and paint. Or as I like to call it, booze and paint. It was an awesome concept that I have never witnessed. Usually people are indoors eating and mingling but this was way better. I even wanted to join! 

The night went surprisingly well. It was easy and no stress. There were not as many people as I originally thought but I had no complaints. The people that were there, were friendly, cooperative and entertaining to be around. For 3 hours of work it went by like 1. They really made the time fly.  

Almost done. 

By 9:45pm we were on our way back to her house. I needed to get my car so I could get home. In 30 minutes were parking out front and unloading what was dirty and what we did not use. After helping out I headed home. After an 80 degree day I was sweaty and sticky. Around 11 I was set for a shower. Once my body squeaked I got out and jumped on the PC to type things up.  

Off to bed by 1am. 

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