Vacation But At Home !

May 22, 2018 

My one day a week with the nephew! 

Third day in a row off. It has been like a mini ‘staycation’ (vacation but at home). Went on a date, took a trip to the mall and today I am spending some quality time with my nephew. We were up at 8am ready to enjoy each other’s company. As he drank his bottle I laid next to him and watched as he wiggled around with it in his hands. He has figured out how to drink without actually holding it so once he finds a good spot against the pillow, it is all hands OFF deck. That way he can drink and still have his hands available for his toys. He is a smart one. 

Nap time? 

Once he finished the bottle I hoped he would fall right to sleep. But he did not. While he laid in his playpen rattling his teething keys, I took the opportunity to read a few pages of my book. After a few minutes he finally falls asleep. Just when I thought he was going to be out for a few hours, he wakes up within 20 minutes. Even with my attempt to put him back to sleep his eyes were wide open staring at me with joy.  

I gave up after a while. He made me come to the realization that he was not going back to sleep. He had things to say and toys to fling around. The busy life of a 7 month old. To keep us more entertained I turned on the TV to see what was giving. Normally we, him and I, would be asleep at 9:30 in the morning so I had no idea what was giving. Flipping through the guide I spotted “Paw Patrol” and clicked right on it.  

He played and watched TV for 2 and a half hours until his mood drastically changed. I could tell he was tired but still wanted to be awake. He cried, rubbed his eyes, pouted but even with my attempt to make him sleep he stood his ground. By the time 11:30 rolled around I had his soft food defrosting in hot water. It took too long to become edible. I could not stand to hear him cry anymore so I put it away for later and handed him a bottle. After drinking it is when he officially fell asleep. He could not handle himself anymore.  

Looks who’s up! 

Around 3:10pm he wakes up. The happiest I have seen all day. It is interesting how a baby’s mood can shift so rapidly from smiling to crying because of sleep deprivation. Sometimes it is cute.  

With a full 3 hours of sleep under his imaginary belt it was time to eat again. This time I had the food defrosted and ready to go before he fully woke up. My mistake earlier was having him wait. That will not happen again. With that being said, we had a blue bowl filled with two yummy treats. On one side laid bananas and on the other sweet potatoes. Personally, I am not a fan of the red sweet potatoes but the white one is a whole other story. But he likes it and that’s what matters. After wiping his face, I placed him back in his playpen and handed him a 6-ounce bottle to wash it down. He is a heavy eater. Just like the rest of us. 

(photos found on Google images)

The itis hit! 

He fell back to sleep around 5pm. With everything he ate I did not blame him. He was not out for too long, only until 7. His mother was home and he sensed her. As soon as she sat down to enjoy a plate of ice cream cake he woke up staring out the window trying to adjust his vision. I stood there and watched him. I was curious to know if he would fall back out but then he found me and smiled.  

I have been gaming way too much lately. 

The rest of the night was all to myself. I had a delicious dinner which consisted of white rice, beans, and fried pork. While I ate, two episodes of Blindspot streamed on the TV. (This show is getting insanely good) After enjoying my meal, the show and digesting I jumped in the shower to get ready for tomorrow. Then I hoped in the PS4 for some fun time.  

It started off good. I played with my best friend and streamed a couple of games of FortniteThat is until I was ditched for him to play with another streamer who is also a friend. It was mutual though. I really wanted to try out a game that I had download earlier in the day, H1Z1. I have no clue what the game is about expect for you have to gather gear, survival and take out other player. Basically, Fortnite without the cartoon characters. It was actually really bad. Did not enjoy and after one match quit the entire game. I hope to never play it again. 


(photo found on Google images)

Finally ending the night with a failed attempt to play Call of Duty. I could not connect with my Texas buddy. Our connections were so bad that neither of us could carry the other. Meaning I could not host a game nor could he. So, we ended the night with a great conversation and left the gaming alone.  

In bed by 12:45am. 

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