Physically Drained, Beautiful Game!

May 17, 2018

Who knew the day would turn out like this?

I have a long day but I am prepared for it. I have mentality gotten myself ready to be out all day. I even woke up at 7:30 with the intent to start off on the right side of the bed. But then I saw it, a text message from 6:57 this morning:

“Woke up super duper sick. Sicker than past two days. I have to go to the doctor. Cancelling my shifts for today.”

The lady I work with was officially sick. She has been fighting it. Drinking tea, lemon and ginger, Dayquil and Nyquil but the common cold got the best of her. Yesterday she woke up not feeling well and today even worse. For her to see a doctor it must have gotten bad.

Well there goes that.

I went back to sleep since it was early and there was no reason to be up. Honestly, I needed to caught up with some Zzz. I have not been right for a few days so my mission is to sleep as much as possible. Reawake around 11:30 feeling in tip top shape. My body did not ache, my eyes were not heavy, and my stomach growling. But before starting anything I had to play it. Before I went to sleep I received a notification about a new game release for the phone. I forgot that my email was listed for updates. Today was the day! I have been waiting for a while now so I was excited.

The game is called Dragon Ball Legends! I set it to download right before I laid my head to rest. As soon as I woke up I rolled over on my side to grab my phone. Turned it on, unlocked it and clicked on the game. The moment I have been waiting for! START! I played it for an hour and had a blast. For the first day of release it was remarkably well done. I cannot wait for an update and to see how far they can go with it.

maxresdefault (1)

(photo found on Google images)

Time for a late breakfast. 

It was already past 12 but I did not want anything heavy in my stomach. I thought about lunch but then decided to stick with breakfast. Frosted Flakes. While eating I sent a live stream of Fortnite from YouTube to the Chromecast Ultra. There is a female gamer from Japan that plays the heck out of the game. Her Twitter name is Homitaso, that is all I know besides her gaming channel ほみこ.  Besides watching the renowned Ninja, I learn a lot of tactics from her especially since she plays on the same platform I do, PS4.

Once her stream finished I set DashieGames to play on the big screen. A few minutes in, I paused it to wash a load of clothes. Back in front of the TV as it played. It streamed in the background as I set up my posts for tomorrow. Then the really fun part. I ordered an EVGA 1,000 watt power supply from Amazon 2 days ago. I received it yesterday and was very surprised at the speediness of the delivery. I have not opened it to test it out but it will be used very soon. Hopefully by the end of the month. I am in the gathering phase.


(photo found on Amazon)

After everything was said and done I took a nap for a half an hour, 3 – 3:30pm. 

All of a sudden, I was hit with the need to lay down. It was as if all the energy in my body was drained from head to toe. I put up a good fight not to go down but lost in the end. I would have slept longer if it was not for a pretty funny text message from my Texas buddy. Let’s just say he confused ‘Clay’ with ‘Ray’ in his contacts and I went along with it.  20180518_175620

Now I was hungry.

Still low on energy I decided to stuff my face. I made myself a plate of pasta with meatballs. To top it off right a nice spread of mozzarella cheese. Of course, I had to watch Blindspot while I ate. Episode 2! I dreamt about this show. I am committed to it like a bad drug addiction. If I did not have to leave, the TV would have been playing it all night.

I took a shower and left around 7:45pm. I took advantage of today to its fullest doing nothing important so I figured getting out the house was the least I could do. What better way than to spend the night with the person who you connect with in every way. I got to my girlfriend’s house by 8:10, we had dinner together and set up in the living room to watch our new favorite show “The Good Doctor.”  


Links to Dragon Ball Legends!:

Android: Google Play

iOS: App Store

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