2 Days Off & A Life Changing Question !

May 14, 2018 

Back to work after two days off was harder than thought.  

I tried my best to get up at 7:45am. I want to get my schedule back to the way it was but my first attempt failed. I ended up falling back to sleep until 8:30. When I woke up there was no time for the morning writing that I have come to enjoy. All I could do was get dressed, eat something and leave. I have officially ruined my sleep schedule to the point where it is affecting me. 

I started work at 10:15 today. I had to make my weekly pick-up of hoagie rolls and custard cups from the bakery. To make it on time I left the house at 9:20, five minutes later than I wanted to. Usually those 5 minutes make a big difference in whether or not I make it on time. Luckily, I did not need those extra minutes because traffic was at a minimal actually helping me arrive way earlier than needed. 

In JC, coffee in hand, book on my lap. 

The lady I work with showed up about a half hour after I did. Since there was time to kill I walked over to ModCup, my favorite coffee on wheels, to pick up some drinks. On the way back, a bit of coffee dripped from the lid onto my finger burning it. As much as it hurt I was able to take in the waterfront view at the same time. It is not every day that I can soak in the City scenery. Usually I am walking fast past it barely taking a glance.  


(photo found on Instagram)

Back in my car, I set one cup of coffee in the cup holder and leave the other in my hand. I was parked under a tree with a perfect glow from the sun peering around it through my windows. The setting made me think of my book so I picked it and began to indulge in its wisdom. For 10 minutes I was able to enjoy the tranquility of seating alone with a hardcover on my lap.  

I was feeling great now that I had a cup of Joe but I looked tired. The lady I work with was concerned with how my eyes looked. I guess my face made it seem worse than how I felt. Either way we rocked it. The day was a success! We did not bring in millions but the future is bright. By 3pm we were packed up and on our way to stall time. Of course it was the usual place, 99 Ranch. Where we spend at least an hour walking around picking up a few items and enjoying each other’s company.  

I had a good portion of the day left. 

By 4:30pm I was home making my way to the shower. I love washing up after a day’s work. It is a way of cleansing myself for what is next. I always feel more energized when done.  

It is Monday night training so around 6:15 I got ready to go to the office. Apparently, I missed a lot over the weekend. Promotions, company gifts, prizes. Things happened and because of the full-time job wearing me down I did not show up. I basically isolated myself to recuperate which turned out to be a huge mistake. But I was there tonight taking away great information. The highlight for me was a simple question that I could not answer: 

“What are you dedicated to?” 

That question hit me hard. The fact that I cannot answer it bothers me. It makes me think, What exactly do I wake up for? What is my purpose?

A simple ending. 

I was home at 9:45pm with a gaping hole in my stomach. The last time I ate was around 3 and it was only half of a Cuban sandwich. Thank goodness I had half of a Penne vodka sitting, waiting for me to eat. It was ordered from a pizzeria restaurant about 10 mins from my house. Nice portions, cheap delivery, great stuff.  

While eating I watched the last two episodes in season one of Blindspot.” WHAT AN ENDING ! I cannot wait to start season two! 

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