Who Has Days Like This!

May 10, 2018 

Woke up like every other day. Feeling great, ready to make moves and fill my pocket with money.  

Today was not like a normal day and mostly improvised. It was lived as each moment went by. I woke up at 10am expecting to get ready for work, leaving my house at said time and getting home at late. That all changed while sitting in the toilet. My phone began to vibrate on the sink counter. The day was canceled. We were supposed to be at Pier 13 but because the forecast did not look good they decided to shut it down before it even opened. Well there goes filling my pocket.  

Since I had time why not enjoy it. 

First things first, I wrote. I have a lot of unfinished papers in a OneDrive folder that have high hopes. One day when I regain interest in them they will be completed. With that being said I did start a new paper to add to my arsenal. This one is almost completed, unlike the others, and should be up in a few days. As I was writing the idea to watch a movie popped into my head. It had been quite some time since I actually sat back and watched a movie. Scrolling through a list I decided to choose “The Wall.” It came out in 2017 of this month last year and peeked my interest. It is a war movie involving two army soldiers responding to distress call that turns out to be, SPOILER ALERT, a set up. As more soldiers respond to the call, a single elite enemy with a sniper rifle kills them all. No one survives this enemy’s wrath. It was not what I expected but I took a small message from it. Never give up no matter what the odds are against you!   


(photo found on Google images)

Need more action! 

The movie left me wanting more. Before moving on to something else I made myself a cup of coffee and cut a slice of coconut bread to go with it. I got this bread from 99 Ranch along with the red bean from yesterday. I have to say it tastes a lot better. Especially with coffee. While I ate, I watched Blindspot to get my action kick.  

After a about two episodes I switched over to Twitch. My best friend had today off and decided to stream earlier than normal. While watching I noticed someone in the background. Ding-ding. That’s right!  

[Last week some time my best friend asked me if I was working Thursday, today, and I relied ‘yes’, because until this morning I was. He had told me that a buddy of ours was coming down from the City to hang out and wanted me to join. Unfortunately, I had to decline. But I believe all things happen for a reason and with a little luck.] 

At 4:30pm I told my girlfriend that were going to have reschedule. I was off and the guys were together having a blast. I needed to be there so I showered up quickly and shot straight over. My buddy from New York was in town and I got to hang out with him since work was canceled.  

Let the fun begin! 

I got to best friend’s house by 5:45pm. They were still streaming so I let myself in and went straight to join in. Imagine three guys on Twitch voicing “Super Robot Wars.” It was dumb and funny at the same time. For about 30 minutes there was nothing but laughter. We could barely read the subtitles properly. Once we had our fun we called for an Uber to take us to the bar. We were hungry and thirsty.  


(photo found on Google images)

We got to the bar and had a great night. Things happened that I cannot put into words but nothing illegal or morally disconcerting. I did make a big mistake. I over drank, maybe. Probably more than I should have but I also think I over ate. After our ride back to the house my stomach was so upset that I had to let it back out. I literally provided the guys with a fair warning to back away. I know my body and it was not feeling good. After taking a walk, drinking water for 2 hours and listening to great music I was settled. By the time I got home it was late and I knew waking up for work was going to be the death of me. 


All in all I had a great night.  


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