A Short Day !

May 9, 2018

My little buddy!

After a month or so I finally have a day off to spend with my nephew. I missed our time together and the bonding we did. I basically helped raised him since birth caring for him a couple of days a week. His smile makes me happy and the fact that I can put one on his face makes it all worthwhile.

Today I was up at 8am to get ready for my nephew. We will be spending the day with each other having a boy’s day. It took my nephew an hour to settle down before I gave him his bottle. At 9:30 he fell asleep. As usual I followed right behind him grabbing a pillow and blanket. I had a nice sleep until 12:15pm getting up to write and prepare for tomorrow. My nephew slept for 4 hours waking up like a happy champ.

As I prepared a bottle for his lunch, I set a pot of water to boil for myself. While he drank his formula, I had a cup of coffee and a piece of red bean bread. It was my first time trying it from 99 Ranch and I have to say it tasted great.

Got two posts ready to go!

For about 3 hours the TV aired its show. The entire time I was into my iPad and the books around me that I cannot even remember what was giving. I believe the last thing I saw was “Paw Patrol” but the baby watched it more than I did. Lost in my own world I was able to upload something new and hopefully helpful to someone. It was named Some Advice: Maximize Your Schedule.”

Around 6 – 6:30pm my sister came for her child. Half an hour later she had a great idea to take advantage of the weather and left to the park. It seemed as if she came back just as fast as she left. There was a baseball game going on leaving no space to park her car. On top of that the baby fell asleep during the ride there. Losing daylight and the temperature dropping left her with the only option to come right back.

The ending.

Around 7:45 we decided to order Chinese food for dinner. I might have over done it with the order. Placed for delivery was chicken and broccoli with white rice, boneless spare ribs with extra sauce, fried plantains (or tostones), steamed dumplings, and chicken wings. 90% of the food was mine. I did not get it all for myself but at first that is what it seemed. Apparently, I was the only one in the mood for Chinese.

Thankfully my girlfriend decided to hit me with a surprise attack. Around 8:30 she came over excited to see my nephew. Unfortunately, she walked through the door unhappy with me. While I was eating the TV was blaring Blindspot and my phone was not on me. It was charging on my desk with the ringer set on vibrate. Let’s just say she called seven times and waited outside for 10 minutes. Yeah, she was upset.

Since she came over unexpected I left her to play with my nephew while she had a conversation with my sister. I quickly folded the laundry I had left over from yesterday and straightened up the place a bit. Then hopped in the shower to freshen up. The night ended with us watching “The Good Doctor.”


(photo found on Google images)

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