Love What You Have & Love What You Do!

May 7, 2018

The best way to wake up.

Going to bed late last night I thought for sure I would be tired this morning. At first, I was but then things changed. At 6:15am I opened my eyes to an alarm and a beautiful woman beside me. With the sun glaring through the window it was hard to adjust my vision but when it came to the sight was one I wish to see forever. As she got up to get dressed I could not stop staring at her beauty.

Time to go!

Today she had a training session in Toms River with the very profound hair colorist Gina Khan. Before heading to the training site, she had to pick up a friend from work so they could make the trip together. This is why we were up so early. I walked her to her car at 7:20, gave her a kiss and said good bye. Back inside and straight to bed for an extra 45 minutes of sleep before work.

I officially woke up at 8:30 to start my day off writing. It felt good to be back to the normal routine and not tired. Around an hour later I got dressed and headed out to work.

Today I was in Jersey City, the usual spot where we have our beloved customers. Before getting there, I did make my stop at the bakery to pick up half of our usual order. Instead of a dozen hoagie rolls and custard cups I just got six of each and added on two cappuccinos. It really is one of the best coffees.


(photo found on Google images)

The day was consistentNot busy or slow. 

We had a pretty good lunch. It was not as busy as we’d hoped but it kept us going. In my opinion it was good. The lady I work with had been going for 6 days straight working between 7 to 18 hours each day. Her days consist of shopping, drive time, working and then clean up. A slow day is something she needs especially since she has a dinner shift tonight. She is an amazing woman but can sometimes push herself to much. The life of a business owner until it runs itself.

We finished up around 2:30pm and kept the Monday tradition going. Before she headed to the next location for dinner we stopped at 99 Ranch. I think that it has become more of a habit then a need at this point. It is our outlet to kill time. We literally do the same thing every time we walk in.

[Go towards the fresh produce to check the sales, walk over to the freezer section to pick out to items, go over to the bottles area to get ingredients and then walk towards the end of the store for no reason before heading to the cash register. After paying we stop at Coco: Fresh Tea & Juice for a drink and she uses her coupons to get canned soda or a pastry from the food and deli stands.]


(photo found on Google images)

New way home! 

From the market I typically take the same route home every time. Today I did not want to deal with the headache so I turned the GPS on to see what the quickest way would be. To my surprise there was an easier and faster way home that I should have known about and been using for the past 3 years. My new way home was simple and lead straight to the highway I take. Traffic was minimal and the wait probably no more than 15 minutes. Thank you, GOOGLE!

When I got home I went straight inside to grab a rag and spray bottle filled with water. For the past 2 days I have not been able to see out of my back window because of how much pollen had built up. It even rained and did not wash away. I would have loved to use the water hose but at the moment it is busted. For 10 minutes I cleaned every window on the car. Back, two on the left, two on the right, and part of the front. I have no time for a car wash but desperately need one.

Back on the road.

I showered up early to prepare for tonight. It is Monday which means the office is open late and I have time to go. But at the same time I almost forgot. I got so caught up with my computer that I forgot I had to leave. Rushing to iron my pants I stood in front of the ironing board in my briefs and unbuttoned shirt half dressed. Getting everything together I got ready in 20 minutes!

I made it to Dunkin’ Donuts by 7:15pm. It so happened that a colleague and good friend pulled in after me. I had not seen him in a couple of week so it was nice. In a hurry I ordered an iced tea lemonade and hightailed it to the office.

Today was a special day to be there. The head of our office was back in town from his Florida home and I always appreciate when he’s back. We had our Business and Money Seminar tonight for the guest interested in our company and looking for a possible career change. We had a good time. Coach always knows how to lighten up the room. It was great to have him.

I was one of the last ones to leave. I did not get home until after 10pm. To end the night, I watched Blindspot using the Chromecast and ate dinner. Knowing I would not have to wake up early I stayed up watching another episode. Once 1:30 came around my eyes were basically shut so I went straight to bed. The show got really good!


(photo found on Google images)

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