One of The Best Days!

May 6, 2018 

The laptop I tried to fix last night did not work. I checked in with him before I went to bed last night. Sadly, I should have tested it. 

The day starts late! 

Since I knew I did not have to work today last night’s plan was to sleep in. At first, I was going to wake up like normal but then realized my body could use the rest. All of my alarms were turned off and I left to the internal clock. If I woke up early then fine but if not it was because I needed it.  

My plan to rest worked better than expected. I actually slept until 12 in the afternoon, 12:11 to be exact. Half of the day already gone but I felt good. It sucked to have wasted so much time but I was energized and ready to concur. Before cleaning I did make up for lost time during the week.  

For 2 hours I did a lot of writing to make up for the days I had to work from morning to morning. Waking up at 8am and getting home at 1am leaves no time for anything to be done. While I wrote I drank a cup of home-brewed coffee. I do not remember the last time that taste was on my tongue. I usually buy great coffee when I am out but there is nothing like making it exactly how you like it. The way you prefer its taste. 


After my writing session I began to get business and catch up with the house work. To get the mood going I turned the TV on and used the Chromecast Ultra to stream “Van Helsing.” I had a few more episodes left to watch and the opportunity. I changed my bed sheets after, sadly to say, a month and a half. I folded some clothes that were bunched up in a laundry bag. Matching socks can be a pain which is why I waited so long. Finally, I straightened up the little miscellaneous things, dusted and vacuumed. That only thing I did not get to was my desk area. I have papers, books, boxes, all around it. I probably should have started with that. Either way that was what I could do before my girlfriend came to get me around 7:45pm. 


(photo found on Google images)

[While I was cleaning the show “Van Helsing” finished. As I was getting ready to leave I decided to watch something new. A show I heard about a few months back but never really paid it any mind. I wish I would have started watching it sooner. The show “The Good Doctor”, within 20 minutes of it, had me hooked. In the middle getting dressed, half naked, I had to take a seat to actually watch it. I wanted to stay home after that but had to leave.] 

Out in the world! 

On our way to the bank my girlfriend and I had a great conversation. She had been in Pennsylvania all day with her family. It was her nephew’s Confirmation, which is a step in strengthening one’s relationship with God, and big day for the family. They rented a hall, had a gathering, ate, and had a great time celebrating his new milestone. It made me happy to hear that everything went well. 

After depositing money in the bank my girlfriend and I sat in the car thinking about what to eat for dinner. She wanted something light and I wanted to eat an entire cow so it seemed that the options were scarce. But for the first time in our 11 year relationship we did not take more than 5 minutes to figure it out. Wendy’s. Fastfood is always easiest and it was a short 10 minute drive away. She ordered chicken nuggets with honey mustard, French fries and a chicken sandwich. I went with a chili, French fries and chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce.  

Gift time! 

Back at my place we set up in front of the TV with good intentions to watch it as we ate. Unfortunately we ate in silence. Right before pressing play on the show I received a reminder message for the 9pm Sunday conference call. I am glad the reminder got to me in time because I had forgotten about it with the past 2 hours of driving around.  

By the time the call was done we had finished up our meals. As I cleaned up her gift popped into my head. I forgot it was hidden so I could surprise her. Hidden so well under the pants on my desk chair I almost sat on it 

This was the moment of truth. Do I know my girlfriend or not? (sounds like it sound be a game show) I grab the gift, a small casual cross body purse, from my chair and say: 

I bought you a present. 

Her priceless reaction, “Huh? 

I got you a gift.” with a smile. 

Her priceless reaction again, “You got me a gift?” With the biggest and brightest smile.  

The moment she opened the package to see what was inside, she fell in love. The floral design was just her style. She loved the uniqueness of the material and how simple but beautiful it looked. She even got out of bed to throw it over her shoulder. She talked about how it could be worn and what it would be worn with tomorrow. She even pulled out a black dress just to show me how perfectly it would match.  


House of Corks


For a gentleman, or lady, in love with their significant other, there is no greater feeling than being able to put a smile on that person’s face. I believe that feeling of gratitude and appreciation, without it having to be said, is worth more than the gift itself. 

The rest of the night we spent in bed watching “The Good Doctor.” My girlfriend is as hook as I am now and it got to the point where I cannot watch it without her. We watched two episodes losing track of time. We did not go to sleep until 1:30 in the morning. Waking up at 6am is going to be rough. 


(photo found on Google images)


I love my Chromecast Ultra!

I loved this day!

I love the beautiful woman who lays next to me! 

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