Cinco de Mayo, All Day Bottles! 

May 5, 2018

It is Saturday and I have to break my routine.

Normally I would be heading to office on a Saturday morning but today I had to work. The lady I work with and I drove to the location we were vending at together. She lived closer than I did, an hour from her house, so it made sense to just take one car.

The plan was for me to get to her house by 8am so we could go food shopping before beginning our trip. As always plans change. She pushed the time back to 8:45 because she had gotten up earlier in order to make it for opening. She sent me a text too late.

I woke up at 6:45am and rolled out bed at 7 just to make it by our original agreement. Only have slept 4 hours, 2:30am – 6:45, I was extremely tired. Because I like to be on time, basically early, within 15 minutes I was dressed leaving 5 minutes after. I did not have time to eat, write or relax. By the time she sent me a text telling me to meet her later I was already halfway to her house.

Having plenty of time to kill I reset my GPS to find the nearest Starbucks to her home. I picked up a matcha green tea latte for myself and an iced Americano for her. Being 10 minutes away from her house I headed straight there to wait for her. By 8:30 my car was parked in her driveway.

While I waited she told me exactly what we need to take with us from inside her house. I gathered everything together neatly so when she came back we could head out.

Today was going to be a short one.

We were invited to vend at a winery that we have not been to before from 12pm – 5. But we had to be there by 10am to set up and get acquainted with the area. After the long day we had yesterday we needed those 2 hours to prepare. Especially because we were told to be ready for a huge crowd.

Before service officially started I went to the bathroom. The worst thing is having your bladder full and not being able to leave because your busy. I have been there making it my mission to never experience it again. I have to say, this time it hurt my pocket. In front of the entrance to the social room where the bathrooms were, there were four knick-knack stands with beautiful merchandise. The stands ranged from costume jewelry to hand crafted wallets.

The final stand before entering the social room stopped me in my tracks. I ended up seeing a custom crafted purse from made from cork with a floral design that I thought, possible hopped, my girlfriend would like. The design was very unique and the material like nothing I have ever seen. I believe the head of sales and I spent 10 minutes going over each item. The material is an organic, sustainable material, 100% vegan and eco friendly.” I was so intrigued with her inventory and the company, House of Cork, that my credit card basically turned into an ATM. I love it for my girlfriend.

House of Cork

an organic, sustainable material, 100% vegan and eco friendly

After 5 and a half hours of service it was time to go. The winery is a 2 day event so we left with nothing but the items that needed to be washed since we were going to back tomorrow. After an hour’s drive back to her house I was ready to nap.

The day was not finished.

Around 7:45pm we were at the house unpacking her truck. Usually I would go home right after but instead hung around a little bit longer. Her son was home and his laptop was giving him problems. He has an ASUS gaming laptop with a Nvidia graphics card that was not registering as the main display adapter. Being the nerd I am with computers I tried to fix it. I did everything from disabling the Intel display adapter to reinstalling the GeForce drivers. I thought it would have fixed the issue but we left for dinner before I could test it.

For dinner the three of us – the lady I work with, her son and me – enjoyed a table full of Korean barbecue. We had a bowl of spicy pork, two types of wooden charcoaled steak, sides of rice, kimchi vegetables, soup and so much more. It was delicious in every way. Thank you! 

We finished up by 10pm. Time really flew between 8pm – 10. I did not expect to be home by 10:40 today but it was worth staying out later. The rest of the night from 12 to 1:30am I wrote because I never had time to this morning. Good thing I will not be working tomorrow so I can rest.

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