May The 4th Be With You! 

May 4, 2018 

Cheesy but expected title. I am still a Star Wars fan with VHS tapes to prove it. 

Last night for some reason in my head I thought setting my alarm to 8:30am was a good. That was not a normal time for me to set it and I woke up confused as to why it was so late into the morning. I guess after finishing my writing I could not focus on anything but sleep making sleeping in okay. It was not. 

I should have woken up at 8 the latest. I had no time to do anything this morning especially because I did not get out of bed until 8:45. When I am tired it takes me a while to mentally prepare to leave my bed. I had to be at work at 10:30 which meant I had to leave at 9:30 leaving me with the right amount of time to get out the door. I even skipped breakfast, my favorite meal.  

Worked in Jersey City for lunch.  

Before heading to Jersey City, I made my usual stop at Teixeira’s Bakery to pick up hoagie rolls and custard cups. It was ordered last night so it was an easy in and out moment. But I was hungry and smelling the bread being made did not help. Since I had about 10 minutes to spare I drove around to the front of the building to check out the line. Typically, if it was small then I would stop but if not I would keep moving. I really wanted to get to cappuccino and carrot cake muffin but they were very busy with a line almost exiting the building. Had to keep moving. 

I got to Jersey City very early. I thought traffic would have been a lot crazier. Since I was early it was time to get coffee. I walked over to Modcup and spent 15 minutes talking before actually placing an order. The guy at the counter is going to be taking his first trip to Disneyland with his girlfriend so I gave him advice from the times I have gone. Being tired I got a very strong drink to last me the day. It was a combination of nitro, which is about 30 percent more caffeine, and chocolate syrup. This wonderful cold brew is called Dirty Harry. 


Not Dirty Harry, just nitro. (Instagram photo)

Back at my car, I unload the bread and custard cups giving them to the lady I work with. We prepared for a service of 60 but were let down by the end of the shift. Lunch was slow today. It was not a bad day but it could have been better. Especially since today’s temperature was just right; not too hot with a very nice breeze. It was comfortable.  

Back at the Pier! 

For dinner we headed over to Pier 13 for the second time this week. It was not as great as Tuesday but close to it. We were busy though. The foot traffic was there so we made some good money and ate a lot at the same time.  

Towards the end, things did wrap up fast. The vendors and the staff were ready to leave. We closed up around 10:30pm, which for us is early, and by 12 we were on the road home. Unfortunately, it took me longer than usual. I needed to stop for gas because I was almost on ‘E’. Since it was the closest station, I did not trust driving any further, I had to wait in line for 5 minutes until a pump was free. Then as I was jumping on the highway, I completely forgot it was under construction, I got stuck in traffic. Imagine at 12:30am on a Friday night a four-lane highway being merged onto a two-lane street as a detour. It was a mad house but the only way to get to the other side of the highway that was not being worked on.  

Being me, I did not wait and took the back streets to avoid the headache. I would rather drive through town taking my chances with red lights than dealing with a bunch of cars cutting each other off to get nowhere. Besides according to the GPS, it took me just as long to get home without a traffic jam. 

Finally made it through the door by 1am. After showering to get the sweat off of my body and getting comfortable I was in bed by 2.  

Long day, long night, sweet dream, good bye. 

Epcot Disneyland

Disney Trip 2016

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