8 Hours of Love!

May 3, 2018 

Woke up feeling it! 

I had to move my car this morning at 7am. The weather was already starting to warm up. By the way the humidity felt it might have been between 68 – 72 degrees out. For me it was already too hot so I went back inside, turned the air conditioner on and fell back to sleep until 8:30. I planned on waking up earlier and even tried to force myself up but there was no effect. My body was still, laid out across the bed as if I was hit in the head with a blunt object.  

It took me 45 minutes to officially wake up and get dressed. I was surprised to have had enough time to eat breakfast. I certainly did not have time to do my morning writing which I have come to love.  

I could not waste any more time.  

My drive to work was 40 minutes long today. Leaving the house late was not an option. We were lucky enough to have been chosen to serve at the Verizon headquarters starting at 11am. Being punctual as always, I arrived at 9:55, 5 minutes before I had to meet the lady I work with. All of the other businesses we were working alongside with were already setting up shop. The lady I work with arrived as the last one in.  

11am on the dot.  

People walked out of the building as a swarm of zombies trying to attack a moose. At first, I was timid but soon shook that off. It was time to make money, see old faces and make new acquaintances. Service lasted for 3 hours with consistency. Sadly, to say better than all day yesterday. It was also a lot more fun.  

We finished up at 2:30pm but decided to hang around for a few minutes longer. Throughout the consistent day we were unable to take time to eat. So, we sat down together and enjoyed our chicken parmesan sandwich’s from Tony’s as we talked. It has to be my favorite chicken parm of all time. After enjoying the conversation and meal we packed up and headed home. 

5 minutes away from my house, my girlfriend calls me to let me know she had just left work. Since I was close to home and she works 10 minutes away we agreed to spend the rest of the day together. She came over a little after 4pm happy as could be that I was out of work early.  

The next 8 hours were the highlight of my day 

She and I have been trying to get together for a date night that did not last a few hours in front of the TV. Today we were able to change that. After I showered up, we spent some time with my nephew. He has not been feeling well and wanted to be in someone’s arms. My girlfriend is great for cradling a cranking baby. Even though he was upset he was also fairly clam. 

Around 5:45pm we left heading straight to the park. It was hotter than yesterday so we wanted to get outside and enjoy the weather. 

At the park we sat on a bench that so happened to be right in the middle of nothing. There were no trees, bushes or building around to shade us from the rays of the sunlight. Normally we would sit elsewhere but the bench, our bench, was taken.  

As we soaked up the sun, we read our book, Anxious for Nothing, since we had the perfect reading spot with the best lighting. That was until the heavens let loose a heavy cold rain. From there we went to eat deciding to have sushi from my favorite place, Pandang. Afterwards we headed over to Carvel’s and grabbed ice cream to go. They had a new flavor, Kit Kat, that was to die for. Getting a junior cup was a mistake. Next time it will be a bigger order so I could save some, eat some later. 


(top) Salmon Tempura (bottom) Spicy Crab

Back home at 8:30pm and my nephew has another fever. We spend more time with him until his mother decided it was time to go.  

To continue our night I put on a movie called “Peter Rabbit.” I officially used the Chromecast today which proved to be more difficult than expected. It took me about 30 minutes just to figure it out. The good thing was how simple the solution ended up being. I realized that a previous app I had installed was overwriting the movie app I wanted to use. The solution, I deleted it, for now. I need the app back because I tend to depend on it but for now it won’t be missed.  

Peter Rabbit

(photo found on Google images)


Catching up with it now! In bed after 1am because I never had time to write this morning.  

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