Working But Not Working !

May 2, 2018 

Last night I slept like a rock. 

The same position I fell asleep in is the the same position I woke up in. At 7:20 I got up to move my car. My back was as stiff as a board making it really difficult to get out of bed. Once back inside I laid back down to take a nap. I slept longer than expected waking up 8:45. Good thing my alarm goes off five times. 

Finally getting up I got dressed, had breakfast and left the house at 10. Shooting down the highway I made it to Short Hills Mall in 15 minutes. It is an 85 degree day and so hot that coffee is off the menu as far as I am concerned. Standing at the Starbucks counter I saw a new frappuccino that I wanted to try called Ultra Caramel Frappuccino. It sounded like a lot of sugar but at the same time it looked irresistible.  

Starbuck's - Ultra Caramel Frappuccino

(photo found on Google images)

Parking is always tough. 

I arrived to the lunch location within minutes being that it is a couple of lots away. Trying to find a space to park can sometimes be challenging. Normally I would drive around to find a space outside of the parking garage but today I headed straight for it. It hit 90 degrees out and the less sun my car got, the cooler it was when I returned. 

While I waited for the lady I work with to show up, because 99% of the time I am early, I pulled out my iPad to get a bit of writing in. It did not last long. 5 minutes into it she sends me text letting me know she was out front so I could leave my car and make my way to her.  

Time to get started!

It was a dead day even though the weather was beautifully sunny and hot. I thought we would have seen a lot more business than what we did but it was as if they were hiding under their desks. Maybe leaving the comfort of the air-conditioned building was a dreadful thought. Either way, around 2:45pm we packed up discouraged and headed to our dinner shift in Jersey City.  

Before getting there, we made a pit stop at 99 Ranch since we had plenty of time to spare. We needed a few things for dinner and tomorrow that we would not have time get if we waited. On the way out, I stopped at the usual place, Coco Fresh, to get a large classic milk tea with lychee jelly. No matter how good it tasted there was a slight problem. Without considering the safety of the cup, I put it into my shallow cup holder. Before getting anywhere close to leaving the parking lot it tipped over spilling everywhere. My gearbox was wet, the carpet, a bandanna I had was completely soaked and a garbage bag just covered in liquid. It was bad. 

Things get worse. 

We got to the dinner location but it was no fun. The winds were brutally strong. A receipt slipped away from me catching a gust all the way up a several story apartment complex and then over it out of sight. It was amazing to see but I have no idea if it was needed. To make matters worse for 3 and a half hours being there was just as bad as being in Short Hills earlier. The confusing part is that in both locations we have regulars that actually ask and look for us. It felt like the Twilight Zone with nothing going the way they normally does.  


(photo found on Google images)

I was home by 9:45 thanks to after traffic hours with the roads basically empty. It felt good to be home early. I even had the opportunity to have a great conversation with my girlfriend. She started to reflect on her days in a small but also big way. After each day she tries her best to pluck out 3 great things that happened to her. I think it is a great exercise to appreciate the little happy moments in our lives. During that amazing conversation I scheduled a post for tomorrow and typed up my day.  

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