From A.M. to A.M. Keeping Busy !

April 30, 2018 

I was awake early, kind of. 

I initially got up at 7:15am to move my car but figured a nap could be taken until 7:45. Unfortunately it lasted until 8.  

I had about an hour and a half to be productive with my time so I wrote for a bit, got dressed and had a bowl of Frosted Flakes with sliced banana. At 9:30 I left the house beginning my day. First course of action was picking up the usual order of hoagie rolls and custard cups from Teixeira’s Bakery. Then straight to Jersey City where we will be serving our local customers.  

I got to the building 5 minutes before the lady I work with arrived. Most of the time I am about 15 minutes earlier but the people on the roads we slow. Normally I would have had cups coffee in my hands wondering if it would get cold before she showed up. But, not today. 

It started to rain while we set up. 

I checked the forecast last night to make sure I knew how to dress for my shift – whether or not I needed a jacket, boots instead of sneakers, long sleeve instead of short – and I saw nothing about morning showers.  

From 11 to 2:30pm it rained off and on. The foot traffic during lunch was minimal. My guess was that people did not know if it would all come down as they walked through the door out to the open and saw no need to risk it. Thanks to our regular crowd we were able to keep busy instead of staring at each other. Finishing up our shift we packed up and shot down to the market. 

We got to 99 Ranch around 3. We were low on a few items that were need for the dinner shift she was going to run tonight. We were basically out as fast as we came in. Before leaving I stopped at Coco Fresh and actually tried something new, a creamy black tea macchiato with a little sugar. It was salty and savory. The black tea was bold with a hit of sweetness but as the cream mixed in it gave it a nice mild salty taste. Very surprisingly good.  

Got home later than I wanted to… 

I sat in traffic for 15 minutes making my ride home a bit miserable. Luckily, I did not eat so it gave me plenty of time to enjoy my meal. While I sat there I had the pleasure of enjoying Bulgogi. This is one of my favorite dishes being sliced rib-eye steak with a sweet barbeque sauce. Sweet steak is the best. 

I walked through the door to my house at 4:45pm. The first thing I did was hop in the shower so I would not have to worry about it later. Tonight is Monday night training so I wanted to be as prepared as possible to leave on time. The reason for my preparation was to take a nap. Between work and still not feeling well my body was screaming for rest. Around 6:10 I took a 20 minute nap. That was all the time I could spare. Once up, I got dressed and made a thermal of ginger honey tea for the road.   

My nose was very clogged! 

Throughout the night I could barely breath through my nose. I sounded like an overheated bull dog on a hot summer day after running through the yard. I tried my best to not sound as sick as I was but I do not think it worked that well. Not even the cough drops were able to reach my nasal passages. Either way it felt great to be there since I missed training last week.  

Normally I would stay and chat but I needed to get to some medicine. I ran out of the congestion tablets that were in the medicine cabinet and needed to restock. Along the way home Target was the closes open store so I stopped in immediately. Whenever I go into Target there is path or pattern that I follow. Men’s clothing, electronics, food and the register. Men’s being the first section, I begin to look through the jeans and chinos. No jeans but I was FINALLY able to find the olive green pants that I have been look for. Next section was electronics, where I saw the Google’s Chromecast Ultra sitting on the shelf with a $10 discount. I have wanted one since they released last year so it was added to the cart. Then the medicine isle where my shopping came to a halt. The one thing I went for was not in stock. 


(photo found on Google image)

Before making my way home… 

While leaving Target the clock hit 10pm. It was getting later and my stomach was hungrier. Feeling ill I really wanted some soup. Down the street and a block over there is Panera Bread. Perfect. When I got to it the disappointment set in. All the years I have been eating at this establishment I never once realized that they closed early. I could not believe that it was closed. To make up for it I had to settle with whatever was around.  

I got home a half an hour later. Set up in front of the TV I began to play with my new piece of tech while eating. For dinner I had Wendy’s. A $5 meal that made me happier than expected. A small chili – not exactly soup but close enough – value fries and chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce for dipping. After stuffing myself I revised and scheduled tomorrows post. With everything finished I was in bed by 1am. 


Seriously considering getting the S9+ even though my phone works perfectly fine, it can be slow at times but it is 2 years old.  


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