Spending Time with My Love!

April 29, 2018 

Boy oh boy did I want to sleep in. 

My sister will be going to my girlfriend’s house today. I figured since today is my day off why not join her. With every ounce of energy, I forced my eyes open to the wonderful rays of sunlight that peered through my window. At 10am I looked over to my phone hoping to get some more sleep. Last night was a long one. I did not sleep until 1:30 because I was worried about my nephew. He had 102 degree fever which made him very uncomfortable and us worried.  

Texting back and forth between my sister and girlfriend we were able to compromise in pushing the appointment time back an hour. My girlfriend figured that with my nephew not feeling well the extra time was needed.  

As much as I wanted to go back to sleep I stayed up. There were a few things I had to do before I left the house and wanted to make sure they were completed. For instance, folding my clothes, checking on the computer to make sure the graphics card is working as it should – which it is – and writing out my schedule for the week so I know how to use my time wisely.  

Around 12:15 I began to get ready.  

My sister and nephew were already on the road leaving me behind. Since I was not the one getting my hair done I saw no need to rush. Surprisingly I hit traffic on a Sunday. I always feel that this should be the one day where traffic is limited but my hopes have yet to come true. I arrived at my girlfriend’s house around 12:45 baffled by the congested street.  

Sitting outside for a moment I wondered to park. Across the street is a stadium where several events are held besides sports games. I have no idea what was going on today but space was scarce. Final option, park in the driveway until my girlfriend’s father comes to park. 

While my sister got her hair highlighted I watched after my nephew. About 3 hours into the cosmetology process I was volunteered to pick up food for the three of us; sister, girlfriend, and me. After putting my nephew to sleep I hit the road. About 10 minutes away there is a newly opened Chipotle so it was the nominated meal for the day. I was in and out without even having to wait on line.  


(photo found on Google images)

Street parking was available. YES! 

When I got back I was updated on the highlights process and estimated time of completion. Let’s just say it was going to be a while so we ate in between. Everything finished up around 5pm and I must say my girlfriend is very talented. She did an amazing job making my sister happy. After sending photos out, my cousin was impressed and interested in doing business. 

The rest of the evening into night my girlfriend and I laid out on the couch. We are both sick so our energies were too low to do any kind of outside activities. We even ordered take-out just so we could stay under the covers. All we did was watch TV, drink tea and blow our noses until we fell asleep. Not a very sexy ending but a comforting one.  

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