2 ILL Dudes!

April 25, 2018 

Today is the day for uncle and nephew time. 

I woke up at 7:45am to get things ready for my nephew. Little did I know that he and his mother were already in the living room. Seeing as my sister had already set him in the playpen I went straight to the kitchen to make myself a cup of ginger honey tea. I woke up feeling like a bag of potatoes sat on each of my shoulders. Or as if gravity had increased around me. Am I sick, yes, yes I am.  

The worse part of going through today is that my nephew is also sick. He ran a fever of over 100 last night and was likely to run it again today. He will need to be closely monitored. On top of that he was congested with more mucus than any little person should have. (nose and eyes) He definitely has it worse than me.  

Two sick guys just laying around. 

After he drank his morning bottle we took a nap from 8:30 to 11:30. If there is one thing does justice for me when I am feeling ill it is sleep. I feel so energized after a nap even if I wake up every time he takes a deep breath.  

On time as always as he is due for his bottle. The little timer in his head is precise. It rare if he stays asleep when it is time eat unless he has not napped and exhausted. I am glad he wakes up with a smile or I might not appreciate him being punctual when I am in a good dream. But I live for his smile so I get up without hesitation. 

As I get his bottle together I set of pot of water on the stove to boil. The more tea I drink the better my throat feels. The little things help. Even though I was not feeling well the need to do something was strong. The most energy I could muster up was to wash clothes.  After that I was spend. 

Cat Nap! 

Around 5:45pm my nephew fell asleep. The moment I noticed him fully fall under the Sand Man’s spell. I joined him. Unfortunately, it did not last long. A half an hour at most. I completely forgot to silent my phone, leaving it on vibrate, leading to my rude awakening. I hoped my nephew remained sleeping but my hopes were put down. He heard it. The vibration of my phone going off 3 times cut our nap short. 

Since I was up it was time for more tea. 

My sister came for her son shortly after, around 6:30, feeling sick. We think this little petri dish might have passed on his cold to us. I mean what are the odds that he goes to the doctors on Monday, is sick and a few days later we feel the same way. Is it even possible to get sick from a 6 month old? 

Anyway, while my sister plays with her son I decide to clean out my mother’s laptop. A few days ago, it was overrun by a lot of malware. Without knowing it the computers antivirus software had been shut down leaving the door wide open to all of the internet’s nasty bugs. So, I ran several malware scans, virus scans and deleted any file that looked suspicious or were not used over the past year. It was a project! 

Before bed I jumped on Call of Duty: World War 2 with my Texas buddy. The game had recently done a huge update and needed our attention. Afterwards we switched over to Fortnite so his wife could get in on the gaming action as well. I must admit, gaming was a catastrophe tonight. We died more than played. Needless to say, the night ended early and I was asleep by 12. 

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