Time Is A Virtual!

April 23, 2018 

I woke at the usual time, 7:45, but so comfortable that I stayed in bed until 8.  

For 15 minutes all I could think about was my position and if I could lay like that again. Sometimes it is good to think about the now and not focus on the later. For those 15 minutes I did not worry about getting to work, what I should eat, what time I would be or anything like that. Just the position in which my body laid. 

When I did get up my day started. I found clothes to put on, did my hair and had cereal for breakfast.  

Around 9:30 I left my house to begin my journey into Jersey City. Along the way I stopped at Teixeira’s Bakery to get hoagie rolls and custard cups. They were not ordered for pickup so I was able to stand in line and greet all of the women that work hard to keep the bakery moving. If an order is place in advance I do not get see them so it was nice. I was even able to finally get the cappuccinos I wanted last week but could not because there was no parking available. 

In Jersey City and soaking up the sun. 

Weather like this is always great for business. From 10:30am – 2:30pm we were busy servicing new customers and catching up with our regulars. With the weather finally breaking over 62 degrees and the sun included, everyone was out taking walks. The nicer it is the more people come out to see what is going on. Those 4 hours seemed like 2. Time went by quick! 

The lady I work with and I left around 2:45.  

Before heading to her dinner location, we made a few stops to restock on miscellaneous things we were missing. As I followed behind her in my car I had an amazing Cuban sandwich from a food truck called, Cubano Express. They started a new recipe and doubled the meat making the sandwich’s impact even greater. So good! 

Our first stop was to 99 Ranch. This week’s deals were great so we stocked up on several items. On the way I had to get myself something to drink from Coco Fresh. Today I went with a classic milk tea with lychee jelly instead of the tapioca balls. Afterwards we went to Jetro, a restaurant supply store, for plastic gloves, boxes and other things. As we were paying she received a phone call from a good friend who we have not seen in a while. It was good to know that he was alive and well, with big new plans for the future of his business. 

Before heading to our dinner location, The Beacon, we stopped for gas a couple of blocks away. As the lady I work with was waiting in line for the person in front of her finish, she was cut off by a lady who seemed to be in a rush. At first, I was shock to have witness it but then I understood why. The lady was very impatient because she desperately needed $3 of gas and did not want to wait her turn to get it. With gas prices as high as they are I doubt she will make it too far.   

Finally, at The Beacon around 5pm and ready to get going. A nice day turned into a crazy windy one with temperatures dropping quickly. Luckily, we have a very faithful customer base so the flow of the night was steady. Usually I do not work this shift but I was glad too. The apartment complex was once a medical center so by being there I can feel its history. 

The Beacon, Jersey City

(photo found on Google images)

We stayed until 9pm. 

I was home by 10 exhausted. Before winding down I checked in with my nephew to see how he was doing. He had a doctor’s appointment early getting two shots in his thighs. Plus, he has more teeth coming in on the tops now so he was not a happy baby. But he was taken to the park for the first time after his appointment. My sister thought with the day being so nice it was about time he got to experience it. She even invites my girlfriend to join her. Too bad I had to work all day but I am glad they had a good time.  

After talking to my girlfriend about her day and editing a few papers time had gotten the best of me. I did not lay my head on my pillow until 2 in the morning. My exhaustion is what made me call it a night. I partly fell asleep at my desk not even knowing I was still sitting up. Work in the morning is going to be interesting.  

The Beacon, JC

(photo found on Google images)


Manage your sleep better! 

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