The Night Continues The Day!

April 21, 2018

I stayed up to late last night. 

Usually I am good at timing myself before bed especially when I have to wake up early. Last night I barely looked at the clock. I woke up super late this morning. I set my alarm to 7:15 and did not get up until 7:40. There was no time to waste.

I had 30 minutes to get myself going. Brushed my teeth, did my hair, got dressed, and ate. After everything I still left late. The only way to make up for lost time was to be one with the road.

I made it!

The lady I work with and me meet up at her house to head to a food truck festival that started at 11:30. I made it to her by 9 and we were on the road a half hour later. Before getting to the festival location we stopped for some coffee at a gas station Dunkin’ Donuts because we have a minor addiction. There were six different trucks, including us, ranging from dinner to dessert. With the food selection and sunny sky, it was a guaranteed good time.

We ended service around 4pm with a blast. On the way back, we made a pit stop at a Costco that was right off of the highway. After going through most of our supplies we needed to get a few things for tomorrow. We have another event to be part of, a fund raiser, at an all-females high school. Now I do not usually shop in Costco but they have some interesting things and everything is party sized. Just walking around made me consider getting a membership.

Always us the bathroom before taking long drives.

We got back to her house around 5 so I could get my car. According to the GPS I had a 35 minute drive home. During the whole ride I had a full bladder. I meant to use the bathroom before leaving but between talking and bringing the food inside I forgot. It only dawned on me when I hit a pothole and felt the urge. The whole ride home all I could think about was using the bathroom. To make matters worse I had cotton mouth and really needed something to drink.

I was home by 6:40pm running straight to the bathroom. The relief from releasing that pressure was almost erotic.

The night was still young!

It is Saturday night! A good friend of my girlfriend and me was having a birthday party. No matter how much I wanted to stay in, I also wanted to go. So, I did the thing you do when the water is running and showered. After showering I took an hour to wash clothes. I have a long week and needed to make sure I had enough clothes to last me. While they washed I got dressed, realizing it was 10pm and the chances of me coming home to schedule tomorrows post was slim to not happening. So, before I left I sat down for 20 minutes to get it set.

I left my house at 10:30 to head for the party. The persons house was 15 minutes away from me. Very convenient since I was lazy to drive. When I got there almost everyone had a head start. Out of the entire night the best part was having a conversation with a good friend. I had not seen him in a couple of months and it felt good to catch up.

Back home once again but late, 1:15am.

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