Rain Can’t Stop Me!

April 19, 2018 

I love my haircut but I need a hat. 

Woke up at 7:15am to move my car. With the new haircut my head is able to feel all of Winters brutal winds. Not only is it windy but wet too. This has to be the only bad part about getting a fresh haircut during Winter. 

I came back in side and laid back down until 7:45 when my alarm rang for my conference call. It felt good to take those extra 30 minutes to nap. If I did not have to work today I would sleep in. But I have to keep moving! 

As I sat at my desk to check WordPress, I see that the site is doing a 30% off all plans promotion. I do not think I really need a plan but it is a good deal. I am curious to see what the differences are and might get a plan just for that reason. Who knows, maybe in a year from now it might pay off.  

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day I figured I start it off like I usually do, a bowl of cereal. I was in the mood for two different brands so the Fruity Pebbles and Frosted Flakes got mixed into one bowl. It was great. I have to admit I need to eat healthier meals in the morning.  

Working in Jersey City so I have get going. 

I got dressed in my winter/rain gear and headed out the door by 9:20. Knowing that summer is right around the corner the need to not bundle up excites me. I do not prefer Summer but right now some heat would be great. 

Before entering Jersey City, I stopped at Teixeira’s Bakery. I received a message this morning letting me know that hoagie rolls and custard cups were ordered and ready for pick up. It has been a while since I had their cappuccinos and really wanted one but parking was limited. It was street cleaning day so everyone from the right side parked and double parked on the left. Normally I would join the double parkers accept there was no space left, not even for a Smart Car 

I got into Jersey City quick. Even though the highway was packed it was moving with a nice flow. I parked my car exactly at 10:30. By the time I walked around the corner the lady I work with was just pulling in. For 3 hours the rain went from light drizzle to heavy rain and back to a light drizzle. Surprisingly it was an ‘OK’ service. I did not expect many people to be in this weather completely proving me wrong.  

From 2 – 4pm the lady I work with left to handle other business. For those 2 hours I worked alone. I have to say, working as a lone wolf is not fun. It made me appreciate having someone by my side. She has said it herself, “working along sucks.” When I decide to fully engage in my business I will take this experience to improve with. 

Late day, a lot of traffic! 

I packed up a half an hour before she came back. I had her give me a heads up so we can leave as soon as she pulled in. We left after 4pm which is probably the latest yet. Leaving early means that the traffic is light, just building up, because everyone is slowly getting out of work. Today’s traffic was serious! 

It took me an hour to get home. The ride was miserable between slow drivers and violent ones. All I wanted to do was merge off of an exit and almost got my ear blown off by a man yelling out of his window. I had my music on so it was like a dubbed movie, his mouth moving but it was not his voice. No friendly drivers during rush hour. At least the sun cam out.

 Out again…

After relaxing and playing with my nephew I had to go back out. My father was hungry and in the mood for a very specific meal. Of all things, he wanted a pastrami sandwich from the deli corner store. But it was more specific than that. He wanted pastrami, provolone cheese, a little mustard, lettuce and tomatoes. Oh, and let’s not forget the bag of nacho Doritos. I had to say this the entire drive not to forget it. 

Back home and it is now 8pm.  

For about 10 minutes I played Far Cry 5 before my friend from the physical therapy office invited me to play Fortnite with her, her boyfriend, and my best friend – the streamer. Since we were together the games we played went straight to Twitch. Afterward I left them and played with my Texas buddy and his brother. Fun Fact: you can play with people who have an iPhone or iPad with iOs 11 or over. I thought that was cool. After two games my Texas buddy and I went to play with a different group of people. Great times! 

My night ended with a connection lost that would not fix itself for about 20 minutes. At this point I was ready for bed. It was definitely an early night.  


(photo found on Google images)


My mother got out of work early. Which meant my girlfriend ended up not getting my nephew. She was pretty sad but also left work late. It all panned out nicely.  



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