On A Tuesday!

April 17, 2018 

I knew there was something I had to do before bed! 

I took my conference call from the comfort of my bed today. I made a big mistake last night by leaving the window open. I basically froze myself, not wanting to get out from under the covers. I tried my best to bundle up, not closing the window until 7:45am when I woke up and realized it was still open. I cannot believe it was open all night in the middle of 20 degree weather. 

For breakfast I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes while I watched part of a video on YouTube. I thought I had enough time to watch the entire thing but quickly realized that my math was way off. I worked next to the Short Hills Mall today and wanted to leave early to get coffee. So, I hurried to get dressed and hit the road. 

Got to the mall with 15 minutes. No traffic, no hassle, smooth drive. I even got a great parking a couple of spots from the mall entrance. I beeline straight for Starbucks to pick up the usual drinks, a matcha green tea latte and a white chocolate mocha latte.  

Got to work on time at 10:30am. 

The wind was no joke today. It is usually cold there but today’s gusts were kicked up a notch. If I were 20 pounds lighter I might have been picked up and flown around. Because of the weather business slow. No one wanted to come out to be forcefully pushed around. We finished up our day early, closing out around 2:45pm. I was able to beat traffic on the way home but unfortunately not the school zones in my neighborhood. I walked through my door around 3:30pm ready to take a nice hot shower. 

I wanted to nap afterwards but I never made it. 

My mother came with my nephew after work, 4:30, for me to watch him. She had to take some tax information to the lady who handles the family paper work. So, we played for an hour before his mother came looking for her after work hugs. 

Then my girlfriend came over to take him from his mother. She had not seen him in a few days to a week and missed his face. She also came over to stall time before we headed out to celebrate one of her co-worker’s birthday. Normally I would not go out on a Tuesday night but I like the person so I sucked it up. 

The bar we went to was about 10 minutes from my house. I started to get ready a little after 9pm. I thought of the simplest thing, black pants, black wing tipped boots, black long sleeve V-neck shirt and my charcoal blazer with a slim winter vest underneath. Perfect! 

I was so confused. 

We got to the bar at 10pm. I left the Uber order to my girlfriend so I did not know where we were going expect for what we spoke about. We ended up somewhere completely different. Apparently plans had changed last minute and I was left out. Either way I was glad to be there. Last summer I was invited to a party at that exact same place and was denied entry. It was a last minute invite so by the time I arrived the place had an hour before closing. The door guards would not let me through even though I was willing to full entry price. Today I redeemed myself by getting in way before closing.  

The place was ‘ok’. I didn’t really miss anything exciting last summer. Granted it is a Tuesday night but the only thing that ‘wowed’ me was the massive TV I sat in front of. The place was decent sized, bar food was pretty good, beer was not too expensive – the shots were overpriced – but the acoustics at the place were horrible. Their equipment cannot handle bass. Either way I had a good time sitting dead center of the massive screen with my beer watching half of the Blazer vs Pelicans game before leaving. 

Home by 1 and straight to bed… 

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