The Storm Never Left!

April 16, 2018 

It was a nasty morning.  

The rain, thunder and lightning from last night carried over with force. The winds were so strong that I could feel the house shake. The rain so heavy that it sounded like pellets hitting the side of the house. And the thunder, a force to be reckoned with. With each roar the house trembled as if it were scared.  

I woke up at 7am to move my car. I could hear the rain coming down so I bundled up with a hooded coat and waterproof boots. It took me a matter of minutes to go back and forth but it was still too long. By the time I entered the house I was soaked. My pants had gotten so wet that I had no other choice but to change.  

Being wet and having to change made me cold so I laid back down in hopes of warming up and getting extra sleep. It did not work to well. Every time I fall back asleep a loud thunder gave loose and nearly scared me out of my bed. Three times in 2 hours I felt as if my heart were going to explode.  

I could not handle it. 

Got up at 10 and decided to get some stuff done. I had been working on a few different topics for blog post and have about five saved in a folder. I think the topics are great but some of them need a lot more work. I did feel comfortable about a short 200-word paper that I will schedule to release. It will be exciting to see how many people could benefit from it as I did.  

I had planned on being very productive but it ended up turning into a ‘relax day.’ After finishing and scheduling the blog post I had a bowl of Captain Crunch while watching a video on YouTube. I was completely torn away from the idea of being productive at this point so for some reason playing “Fortnite” was a good idea. Afterwards I watched anime until my nephew came home. 

I waited too long! 

Around 5pm my mother shows up with my nephew. I missed the little guy so I was happy to see him. We spent about an hour together having a great time. I had to put him down in order to get ready for tonight’s Monday training. I took a shower and ransacked my closet looking for clothes. My iron is out of commission right now so I tried to find the clothes with the least amount of wrinkles.  

With time running out I got dressed and ate half of my dinner, chicken Parmesan with noodles. I left the house a little later than usual, 6:55, but I was able to make up for it on the road. I am glad the rain stopped and the highway was dry. With about 15 minutes to spare I run into Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a coconut caramel latte. I arrived right on time for training. Maybe 2 minutes to settle in my seat. Tonight’s training was on mindset. Where do we want to be, how do we want to achieve it, and how bad do we want it. Very inspirational! 

Back to relaxing. 

I got home by 10pm looking forward to finishing my chicken parmesan. I had left it in the microwave because I intended to eat it and figured all I had to do was warm it up. But since the conventional oven was used and the microwave sits on top of it, the food stayed warm the entire time. I did not plan on that happening but it worked out great.  

As I ate I watched my best friend stream “Far Cry 5″ on Twitch. After eating I started to write a new post. It was added with the others that have not been completed as an idea. Watching my buddy stream made me want to play as well so I ended the night playing solo in “Far Cry 5.” 



I have been thinking about building another computer. I already have two but they are about 3 – 6 years outdated. They work perfectly but I am an enthusiast with building computers and want the new tech. The only bad part is how much it cost to keep up with this new era. Need to consider it more. 


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