Wonderful Birthday Memories!

April 15, 2018 

Wow Winter, I missed you so much. 

I woke up different today. Around 9:45 I heard my nephew in my dreams only he was not. At 10 am I look at the clock. Next thing you know I hear him again. I get up from my bed and walk over to the living room. There he is with his fingers in his mouth, smiling at me as if he knew I would come.  

After brushing my teeth and washing my face I said my good mornings. Since I missed breakfast I decided to have it for lunch. Five, well four and a half because I did not finish, pancakes with a cup of fresh brewed coffee.  

The coffee was the best part because of how warm it made me. Last night was very cold, definitely no air conditioner. The weather dropped by half of what it was yesterday the highest being 42 degrees. On top of that it was cloudy and raining. A very gloomy day. 

But the weather cannot stop me! 

Today I will be spending the day with my girlfriend and her family. It is her mother’s birthday and to celebrate we will be going out to eat. On the way to their house I stopped by a super market that sells beautiful bouquets of flowers. I picked out a nice red rose bundle with white oriental lilies and little yellow daisies.  

I got to their house at 3pm. We were supposed to leave shortly after since our reservation was set for 4 but we had to wait. The eldest sister was coming from Pennsylvania and behind schedule. When she arrived we left.  

We made it to Menlo Park Mall around 4:10. Our reservation was for The Rainforest Café. There was a nice group of us; mother, father, sister from PA and her 2 kids, middle sister, my girlfriend, and me. It was my first time dining at the Café. The décor was interesting. Plastic vines hanging all over the ceiling to simulate a ‘rainforest’ and animals that ran off of a timer to roar and move every now and again. Not very well lite, but understandable, to represent the tree cover from the sun. Nothing that I would have expected to see over tables that people eat at. Who knows how much dust those things hold. 

Dinner was pretty good. Definitely caught me by surprise. I had cooked salmon drizzled with a spicy yogurt sauce and a side of white rice and beans. The sauce made the dish. I should have written down the name so I could make it. 

Nice and full! 

After dinner we walked around for a bit. My girlfriends 13 year old nephew is doing his confirmation next weekend and needed a white suit. We found a place a couple of stores down from the Café that sold a variety of kids white clothing. No searching through the mall required. He was fitted for the pants and jacket so it could be tailored but since it took it a while I went for a walk on my own.  

I had not been to H&M in a couple of months and wanted to see their spring line. Then I went over to Express to check out their inventory. Every store has something different according to demographics. The blazer I saw a couple weeks back turned out not to be what I expected. On the mannequin it looked great but, in my hands, not so much. Needless to say, nothing of interest. I did get myself a Jasmine milk tea from some place by the exit but it was way too sweet to drink. From the mall we went our separate ways. The PA sister headed home as did we. 

I drove the way back.  

It was horrible. The rain did not let up and at some point during the drive, the highway fogged up so much it was like a scary movie. I was not sure if we going to be swallowed up by it or drive right through. But we survived making it back to the house by 6:30pm.  

It was birthday cake time!  

As soon as we got in the house the mother read a card that the two youngest sisters got. Afterwards we lit up a sparkler and sang ‘Happy Birthday.’ Then we played two rounds of dominoes until the father went off to bed. He has to wake up at 5 in the morning for work so he sleeps early. While the table was being cleaned off I went into the basement, where my girlfriend has her in-home salon, to shave my face. I needed a buzzer to trim down my beard because it had gotten to long for my comfort. Back upstairs and in front of the TV we switched between a movie giving in Spanish and “Naked and AfraidUncensored.” Both were so good that we could not decide which one to pay attention to more. 

The rain will not let up. 

Because the weather was bad I left her house early, around 11. My eyes are not that good when it rains. The reflection of light off of the water hurts my eyes making it difficult to see. I got home around 11:40, changed and got comfortable. For about an hour I played Fortnite to get my practice in while I watched my best friend stream. 

(photos found on Google images)

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