Beautiful Day at The Winery!

April 14, 2018 

I woke up at 10am staring at my clock, wondering if I could possibly close my eyes for another 2 hours. I even set my alarm for 12pm thinking I could. As I laid there the thought of being in bed got me a bit anxious. For some reason I thought that sleeping till noon would be a good idea. Why would sleeping 11 hours work when I never do it?  

5 minutes later I was out of bed! 

Since my sciatica has been bothering me the first thing I did was take 10 minutes to stretch in various ways. Back in September, when I hurt my back, I went through therapy for 4 months. They taught me how to protect my herniated disks using other parts of my body and how to provide relief from sciatica. Thank goodness they were not solely focused on my back but on helping me get better in general. The stretches they taught me were applied in full this morning. 

After loosening up my body I sat down to mess around with WordPress. I am still new to it and always look for ways to improve. When my stomach started to growl I took a break to eat. I severed myself a bowl of Captain Crunch and watched a video on YouTube. 

Another late day of work! 

Today was going to be a great day to work. About an hour from where I live there is a winery, called Beneduce Vineyards, that has a great staff and an amazing crowd of people that like to have a good time. The winery has an amazing lawn section next to grape vines with tables, umbrellas, several firepits, outdoor games, and a stage for live bands. With 80 degree weather the place will be packed. 

Along the way to there I had to make a pit stop. Nice day means we need ice cold drinks. There is a Walmart about 10 minutes from the winery so I walk in to pick up two bags of ice. As usual I am ahead of schedule so decisions were made. Before actually getting the ice, I went over to the Dunkin’ Donuts next to the customer service area. It was hot out so an ice tea lemonade was the perfect drink to have. I was in the mood for a donut as well and since there was still a lot of time to kill I sat down to eat an apple crumb 

Time to go! 

After stalling for about 15 minutes I got the two bags of ice, also bought a hat, and hit the road again. About 3 minutes into my drive I see the lady I work with a couple of cars ahead. I must say, my timing is perfect. We basically drove together the rest of the way. She was surprised to see me behind her when we got three blocks from the entrance.  

When we finally pulled in, around 3:10pm, there were already people enjoying themselves. The sun was bright and hot! From their expressions and movements, they were having a ball playing cornhole and drinking their wine. I could tell that they would be ready to eat as soon as we were ready serve.

The day went super smooth. For about five hours we were consistent with business. Thanks to the lovely weather we had one of the best work days in about a month. It was an amazing turnout, in an amazing environment, with amazing people! 

As the day went on the temperature had dropped significantly. I went from a T-shirt to a long sleeve shirt looking for warmth. We began to pack up around 9:30pm. The winery had become a ghost town within 15 minutes going from over 200 people to about 8. Only the brave souls stayed behind. By 10pm we were ready to go.

Get warm!

During the drive to the winery I had all of the car windows half way down. The ride back I had the heat on. Winter is still here. Good thing about driving so late at night is that the road is basically empty so I was home within the hour. After my shower I played a few games of  Fortnite for the stream with my buds. We finished up around 2 in the morning when we realized how late it was. Crap I did it again! 

(photo found on Google images)



The morning stretches help tremendously! I was out for 9 without a single pain. Thank goodness! 

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