Don’t Park At A Bus Stop!

April 13, 2018 

Last night was a hot one. I slept with the window wide open to let the breeze cool off my room. I even considered turning on the air conditioner but thought it might be too soon. In the middle of the night I did have to close it. For some reason the birds were wide awake and chipping their heads off. They were way too loud.  

I decided to sleep in this morning.  

I woke up at 9, looked at my clock and turned back over until 9:30. Between the heat and the birds I needed extra sleep.  

To start the day, I sat in front of the computer screen browsing through the web and scheduling my posts for the day. When that was done I had myself about 6 slices of Thomas’ Cinnamon Raisin Swirl bread because I did not want to leave only two in the package. To accompany it, I served myself a cup of Tropicana orange juice. As I ate, I started to watch the second season to an anime that aired last year. I never expected it to continue so it made me happy to see it.  

After eating I jumped on Fortnite for an hour to get some practice in. I want to be better player so I have been playing solo in order to get my skills up. That way I can help out the team more when we get together. I have a long way to go! 

Late work day.  

Today’s weather is a tease or preview of what Summer is going to be. It is well over 80 degrees and feels great. I would have preferred Spring weather, 68 – 75 degrees, but anything other than winter will work. It has been a while since I threw on light clothing. Never would I have expected the weather to go from 60 to 80 overnight. T-shirt time! 

Before heading out I wanted to eat. We were going to be at a fund raiser in Jersey City from 5 – 11pm so I was not sure if time would be available to eat. So I put together an old time quick classic, tuna fish with provolone cheese in between two toasted slices of bread, served with a side of barbeque chips. I made way too much. Unfortunately, some of it had to get thrown out.  

I was out the door by 3:45pm and on my way.  

About 15 minutes from getting to my destination I get a phone call. The lady I work with had to change plans. The event coordinator for the fund raiser gave her a call and asked if we could show up a half hour later. The parking that they had set for us was not available until after 5. Since we had nowhere to go we stopped at 99 Ranch which was on the way. 

When we did arrive to fund raiser location our parking was at a bus stop. I knew it was a bad idea but the coordinator was certain we would be fine. We were not. Around 6:30, in the middle of service, we were forced to pack up and move by the city’s parking authority. Into the parking lot we went. The one place they did not want us to be.  

We opened up about 30 minutes later after getting settled in again. I am not sure moving was for the best but the turnout was better than expected. I did not thing anyone would find us but someone on the inside did a great job on spreading the word. We definitely could have done better on the street with foot traffic but we made do with what happened.  

Time’s up! 

We closed up around 10:45pm and I was in my car ready to go by 11:30. I really need to kick it up on the working out part of my life. It was not that long of a day, about 7 hours on my feet, and my legs were exhausted. My body can usually handle way more than that but my sciatica was acting up like crazy. For the past couple of days, I have felt it more than the past 6 months combined. Ouch. 

As soon as I got home the shower was running. I needed to relieve some pain so I used the hot water and stretches to help. I felt a lot better. I really need to be careful not to irritate my herniated disks. I do not want to be in bed with pain for two weeks when I could be making money 

Exhausted and ready sleep I was in bed by 1:30am! 



On the way home there was a really bad accident. I hope everyone is okay.  


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