Feeling Great To Be Back!

April 12, 2018 

Woke up feeling great. Going to bed early pays off! 

I was able to wake up at 7:45am with ease. I immediately listened into the conference call while I gathered my things for the day. Afterwards I sat at my desk to check on the blog stats and get everything scheduled for later. 

I did have to leave the house early today. That left me with little time to  do anything. I quickly had a bowl of Frosted Flakes and got dressed. By 9:15 I was sitting in my car pulling out of the driveway.  

Since being back to work, today is the first day of our return to Jersey City. Before I head there I stopped at the bakery to pick up an order of bread and custard cups. The drive to Jersey City was a piece of cake. Either I was late starting my day or left too early. I got there by 10:20 and was completely confused. 

When I pulled up to the building there was a really nice red BMW parked in front of the door. From my point of view there were a lot of people outside amazed by its beauty. I immediately thought two things: 

  1. Someone is showing off their new car. 
  2. A BMW promotional event. 

I was very wrong with both assumptions. A movie was being shot in front the building. Not any movie but I think a Bollywood movie. If it were not for the fancy camera equipment and dressed up actors I would have never known. The bad part, the movie was being shot were we serve. 

Since the movie was being filmed I had nothing to do but wait. The lady I work with had not arrived yet either so I went for a walk to get coffee. Being almost three weeks since I had seen my buddies at ModCup it was perfect place to go. I picked up two drinks, an Americano and Kyoto-style drip coffee iced. Perfect! 

The lady I work with finally arrived and found a spot to park down the street. The camera crew had all the right permits to be there and we were forced to not interrupt. According the policeman the filming should have taken only 30 minute but it led to over and hour.   

Once the camera crew moved we were good to go. We finished setting up, had a late opening but ended with a great service.  

I should not get lost in a town I am familiar with! 

We stayed a little later than normal. We did not leave till close to 4pm maybe a bit after. On the way there was a detour that I thought to be very simple. I work around that area all the time and was certain I could maneuver through. Wrong. Within 5 minutes I had gotten lost forcing the GPS to direct me. It seemed so simple but instead I ended up wasting time. I had to sit in traffic for 20 minutes before even seeing the entrance to the highway. While waiting, my stomach enjoyed two empanadas – one chicken and one guava with white cheese –  from a food truck called The Empanada Guy.  

Finally home I was ready to relax!  

I played two games. FarCry 5 to help my Texas buddy achieve a trophy, then we switch over to Fortnite to stream on Twitch with our best friend. The three of us sucked so bad that someone else had to be invited in order to keep the viewers from watching us die so much. The new invite was definitely worth it. With a four-man squad we were able to place FIRST in one of our games and barely hit anything below sixth during the others. Thank You Image97! I did call it an early night and had someone else take my place for the rest of the stream.  

Before bed I was curious about an online assessment from the StrengthsFinder book I have been reading. It is not a typical book that you read straight though, even though it could be, but more of a selective reading. The book is based on finding one’s strengths through the assessment and having that person build upon them with tips given in the book. I took the test and got my top five strengths. When I read the book portion of it I will understand more and be able to explain it better. 

(some photos found on Google images)


During one of the games I had a wonderful dinner. A nice pork roast that was very juicy with macaroni and cheese. 

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