Are We In Spring?

April 11, 2018 

Why is it so cold still? I thought it was Spring!? 

I had to move my car this morning forcing myself to wake up at 7 to do so. I cannot believe how cold it is.  

I ran back inside with swiftness in desperation to warm up. Heater turned on high and two blankets wrapped around my body. I was so cold that my conference call was listened to in bed. The bad part was how comfortable I had become. During some point of the call I ended up falling asleep. I did not even think more sleep was needed but I must have gotten so warm that it put me out. 

I woke up at 8:30 in confusion. Time had flown by. My Bluetooth was still in my ear and the phone still connected to the conference line. This was a first. After gathering myself, I got up to turn the heater off. My room had become an oven with me baking inside. But it felt good once I opened the door and realized how cold the rest of the house was. 

Time to get started! 

My day began with some words. I did very light writing because I over slept and had to get ready for work. For breakfast I had a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal while watching a video on YouTube. Then I got dressed and was out the door by 10. 

On my way to work I receive a text message from the lady I work with. She was running behind schedule. Since getting back from her trip she has had a hard time adjusting to the 13-hour difference between here and Japan. To kill time, I stop at the mall again. This time I did not window shop but relaxed. Actually, we spoke on the phone the entire morning as she drove to meet me. I sat in the courtyard of the mall, outside of Starbucks, for about 30 minutes on the phone before entering. The same items from yesterday were order except I got myself a cold matcha green tea latte instead of a hot one.  

Back in my car I head over to the new location. 

Where we were serving is literally across the highway from the mall. On the passenger seat of my car lies a treat from yesterday. Tokyo Banana. I brought one to try and after parking I did. I was not blown away by it but can admit that I wish I had more with me. It was fluffy and a bit dry, but the banana caramel custard cream was amazing. It made the experience worthwhile. 

We started service a little late, probably after 11:30. The office workers we nice except for a handful who thought everyone talking at once was a good idea. But in the end service was great. The sun even came out every now and again to warm things up so maybe Spring is trying. 


We finished up around 3:30pm and I was home within a half hour. For some reason I was feeling dizzy. It might have been because my water intake for the day was very low, one 16-ounce bottle low. I jumped in the shower as soon as I got home hoping it would help relax my head. I also forced food into my system to give myself a boost. It was a bad idea that ended up leading me straight to the bathroom. Not feeling well at all even with my efforts.  

I sat at my desk thinking that a distraction would help. Several things happened at once. YouTube played, I blogged, and then my nephew sat in my arms as I continued. It was fun but not much help. 

After focusing on my stomach and doing some more thinking I realized that it was upset yesterday as well. It was not as bad but I do remember feeling very uncomfortable. Since I was in and out of the bathroom the food that I had in me was gone. Now I was unsure if the pain was from hunger or not. Around 8pm I tried to eat again. This time with a very small portion of rice, beans, sweet bananas, and three very small pork cubes. My stomach held. 

The night ended with anime. I had not caught up with any series in about three weeks. It felt good to sit in front of the TV while my stomach settled before bed.   



If Fortnite was not down I would have played. 


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