Back To The Grind!  

April 10, 2018

Vacation is over which means the alarms are set, waiting to go off!

Up at 7:45am with no fight. Last night I could not sleep and laid in bed till about 2 in the morning. I thought for sure I would not be a happy camper but to my surprise it was the opposite. I was full of energy and excited to get the day started.

So excited that the first thing I did was log into WordPress and look for new layouts. Adding a section to the blog has been on my mind lately but I have not put out the content to fit it. Then I thought about separating the Daily Quotes into its own section for easy access and reading. This I did do!

Being so involved with the blog I completely forgot about my conference call. The worse part about it, my planner sits on my desk right in plain sight. I cannot believe I missed it.

The time has come!

Since it is my first day back I make sure to be ready on time. Being late on the first day back is terrifying. I will be working close to home today and tomorrow. The drive without traffic is about 20 minutes and smooth. I start work at 10:30 but for some reason I thought leaving at 9:45 was a good idea. I got to the site 25 minutes early with nothing to do. Good thing the mall is next door and open for business!

I went in to get some drinks from Starbucks but since I was early they would get cold. Instead I walked around and ended up a clothing store that I get my suits and blazers from, Express. They have their Spring line of clothing out which is what caught my attention. The colors were vibrant, almost Easter like, but very professional. Then I saw it. A new casual blazer. Light grey, stretchable, not heavy, and perfect for any occasion. I fell in love but I had to go.

By now I have spent too much time browsing. Back at Starbucks with only one person in line, lucky me, I place my order for a matcha green tea latte and a white chocolate mocha latte. Service is kind of slow there but it is early so I understand.

On time again!

Made it back by 10:30, right on time to set up. It was a really cloudy cold day but the wind was on low making it bearable. I actually missed work. Vacation was fun but most of it was sleeping because I was sick.

Plus side of someone going to Japan for vacation are the gifts. I do not usually expect anything but I know who I work with and coming back empty handed is not her. This gift was truly a treat. A box of delicious mini banana shaped cakes packaged in the most thoughtful way from Tokyo Banana. Mine are flavored with banana caramel custard cream. I have not tried them yet but they will be eaten. Arigato Gozaimasu!

We packed up and were on the road by 3!

On the way home I had to stop for gas. The prices of fuel are getting ridiculous and I really miss when I could fill up with 20 bucks. I paid $27 today, so sad.

When I got home the first thing was a shower. I did not sleep much last night and I am starting to feel it. After the shower I take a seat at my desk to check my blog. I have the most comfortable mesh cushioned chair out there. I have had it for at least 6 years and it still holds its comfort till this day. One of the best purchases I have ever made!

I digress. My blog stats made me happy. I like beating each previous milestone. It shows that at least one person has interest in the blog. Whether it be a view, like or follow, I appreciate it all. 

Its only 5pm, too early to sleep!

Browsing through YouTube I noticed that DashieGames – my favorite YouTube gamer – was streaming live. He had been playing for quite some time now so I missed a good portion of it. The parts that I did watch were as great as always.

After his stream ended I decided to show my nephew some love. We played for a bit, until he fell asleep, while my sister was in the kitchen peeling potatoes. She was in the mood for fried chicken strips with fries. While she got the food going I walked back and forth throughout the house playing an android game that has me obsessed. It is called “M.O.E – Master of Eternity.” 

When the baby woke up I took over the kitchen so she could feed her child. Dinner was officially ready to be eaten and served at 9. Great choice for dinner even though some people would disagree.

The night ended a little after 12am. I was streaming Fortnite with my best friend and his online buddies. We had some good games. One of them with us placing in second. So close to that ‘W’ but it slipped away.


(photos found on Google images)

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