Last Day To Recover!

April 9, 2018

For the past week I have been on vacation as sick as I will be for the rest of the year. Today is the last day and I plan to relax through it.

I semi slept in waking up at 9:45 to the morning sun. I am not the workout type but I feel like some form of exercise is needed. I did physical therapy for about 3 months and honestly felt better than ever during that time. The plan is to once again start my body off small until I get into the habit. When I say small it means a couple of push-ups and good stretches. The exercise thing is rough but I plan on sticking with it for a bit.

To start off the day I begin reading and writing. For me writing in the morning is the best time. I can read articles without the daily distractions and get words on to paper a lot easier.

Then I looking at my Passion Planner. My weak point is making the best out of my time. If I do not write it down then it will be forgotten and continuously pushed back until it ends up on a post-it note. A planner is the best way to keep things in order without having to search through little pieces of sticky paper, personal experience. 

This week is going to be a busy one. I work every day for the next seven days.

Food keeps me happy!

Being part-time in the food industry has opened my palate to many flavors of food. I have found myself to be more interested in the way these flavors come together than just eating them. I have seen every episode of “Kitchen Nightmares”, both U.S. and UK, and have recently gotten into “Iron Chef.”

I rarely use Amazon Prime besides the two-day shipping but decided to venture out. Netflix has my interest so when I want to watch TV it is the go-to. But today was Prime TV day. Scrolling through the shows Gordon Ramsay’s face appears. Then I had a thought. It was recommended by a friend that I watch “Hell’s Kitchen” from season one. I never actually had an interest in the show before but now could be different. It was worth the shot but I got through half the first episode before getting too hungry that I had to make myself something to eat. Quick and simple, pasta with meatballs.

Could not finish that episode!

I had all the intention to watch that episode through, but around 5pm that all changed. While I was cooking my girlfriend stopped in on her way home. Between eating, talking and watching YouTube together, that episode was put on hold.

It is also Monday which means I go into the office at 7:30. We had our “Business and Money Seminar” which was packed so I needed to leave on time for a good seat. The turnout was amazing and as always, I was one of the last people to leave. 

Back home and ready to relax. I wanted a snack so what better way to deal with a sweet tooth than mango yogurt. It is one of the new flavors from Yoplait Oui and honestly it made my top three. After delicious snack time, I was in the mood to play a game. I sent my Texas buddy a text message for an invite and from there we played Fornite until 11:45pm when the game servers would not let us on anymore.

(photos found on Google images)


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