When The Sun IS Out!

April 8, 2018 

Sunday is the best day of the week to re-center myself for the days to come!  

I slept in a lot today. I did not even fight the sleep. My eyes were shut till 11:45am. When I looked at my clock I was amazed at how much sleep I got. Apparently, I was not the only one. My grandfather was still sleep as well waking up no later than 15 minutes after. 

Now that I am up it is time for my morning writing or should I say afternoon writing 

Around 12 I stepped out to get missing breakfast items. Without trying to go too far I went to Stop and Shop to get the groceries. The house needed milk and bread to for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. While getting the milk I spotted some delights. New flavors of the Yoplait Oui yogurts that have become my go-to snack. With the basket in hand I fill it with plain, peach, mango, and vanilla. My mission to try every flavor is almost complete. Now with a heavy basket it was time to leave before I added anything else to the non-existent list. On the way out I purchase the Star Ledger for the only person that probably still reads it, my mother. She is the only person I can say that still lays a hard copy of the paper out on the table to read. 

I got back fairly quick trying not to keep anyone waiting too long. The trip took about an hour long, getting back through the door around 1pm. For my super late breakfast and somewhat late lunch I had to try the peach flavor of the yogurt. To be fair, peach is peach. It did not ‘wow’ me like the black cherry and vanilla versions but it was still good. As I ate my yogurt I posted something new on another article that was saved in my bookmarks. It is a great article about mental strength from the mouths of eight successful people 

Sometimes when I get started I cannot stop and it makes me late! 

A few days ago, my best friend invited me to enjoy empanada day with him and his girlfriend at El Lechon De Negron, for today. Me and food get along well so I said sure. After waking up late, going to the store, writing my new post and keeping grandpa company while mother showered, I ran behind schedule.  

The plan was to meet at 3pm which was not too good considering I jumped in the shower around 2:45. It took me 15 minutes to shower, 10 minuets to get dressed, and another 15 minutes to drive. Yeah I was late. When I pulled into the lot they were setting up shop in the trunk of his girlfriend’s friends. (five of us total) All of the seats were taken inside and we joined together to eat so even though it was a bit chilly out we made it happen. Since I was last to arrive everyone besides me had bought their empanadas. As I waited to order tables cleared. Being outside was not working so inside we went. 

We sat, we chatted, and went our separate ways. Great group of people! 

The sun is bright and I do not want to end the day just yet! 

After having 4 empanadas – buffalo chicken, ropa veja, shrimp scampi, and fall in love – I was ready to take that food energy and enjoy the rest of the day. I call my girlfriend too see what she was doing. Dying of boredom I drive down to spend time with her. 

I got to the house at 6:30 not wanting to be confined to the apartment walls so we take a drive to Burlington. I still have the belt that needed to be returned from 4 weeks ago sitting in my car. It was time we took care of that. Before we actually enter the store, we sit in the car for a bit just talking. I believe that with any relationship communication is strength. We talk about how our days have been and then words of encourage for our future goals and dreams. I truly appreciate these moments!

By the time we exit Burlington the sun has set. Day has fallen and night has risen. On the way home we tried our hardest to decide on dinner. We were completely indecisive which lead to the easiest option, Chinese food. We ordered chicken broccoli with pork fried rice, boneless rib tips and wings. I was not very hungry so picked at her plate.  

The rest of the night was simple. We watched the new “Jersey Shore” in Miami with my girlfriend’s sister. Once that finished I watched the rest an episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” that I left on the DVR. 

(photos found on Google images)


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