Netflix Is Addicting!

April 7, 2018 

Surprise, surprise I actually beat the alarm. On a Saturday morning. Set for 6:45am! 

Up bright and early. I missed Monday night training and was looking forward to heading into the office.  

I have been sick this whole week, sleeping basically, and even though I am not at 100% yet I am ready to get back to it. 

On my way to the office I made my usual stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a coconut caramel latte. I decided to change things up and go for an apple fritter. The design of it was different which caught my attention. Same taste but a lot fluffier. For some reason the extra dough makes it better. I hope they keep this new recipe going and it was not just a mistake.  

Got to the office about 15 minutes early so I sat in my car, listened to some tunes, and sipped on my latte. Just like every Saturday morning I never finish it. I did not even finish the fritter, took one bite. Now in the office, in my seat, eager to learn. I soaked up everything. My main take away was that I need to be a bit more aggressive in order to succeed. The training was great! 

Since I did not show up on Monday I missed out on a big moment. A good friend in the office was promoted to Regional Vice President. He is a great man who worked hard throughout the past year to move up. He is going to become a better leader as time passes. In order to celebrate, after training we had a small congratulatory party with two large cakes and bottled water. Not the best combination of items but at least the sugar gets diluted. 

To the rescue, not so much! 

I was home by 11:30 to help mom out. It is my sister’s weekend to work and my mother is looking after the baby. She is also caring for my grandfather so I did not want her doing too much.  To be honest she had it under control. While walking back and forth throughout the house, checking in every now and then, I was watching “The Chronicles of Frankenstein.” The show is interesting and not at the same time. Not too sure how to feel. I ended up finished my Dunkin’ and 2 hours later having a bowl of Frosted Flakes 

Time to get dinner! 

I got redressed and left around 5:50pm to get dinner. My mother order barbeque for pick-up but I did not have the taste for it. I am still sick and figured something healthy would be better. Instead I picked up my favorite salad, Sedona. The house needed some essentials – toilet paper and toothpaste – so I went to Kings down the street from the salad bar to get them. On the way home I stopped at Burnet BBQ to get the order that my mother placed. As always, this place is packed. Granted there is not a lot of real-estate but it is typically packed from the counter to the exit door. Tables are filled, fridges being blocked, counter busy and doorway occupied. Great people, great food. 

Home by 7 ready to relax in front the TV and eat my salad. I finally, unexpectedly, finished Frankenstein. It was very disappointing that with 2 seasons there were only 12 episodes. In my opinion the show ended abruptly leaving me needed more information. Hopefully the producers keep the show going because if not I will be very sad to had been left clueless. Either way I needed something new to watch so “Van Helsing it was. Let’s keep it in the horror family. First Frankenstein. Now vampires. Maybe after this I will watch Hemlock Grove” for a little werewolf action.  


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