Bond With The Ones You Love!

April 6, 2018

Not to late but not to early!

I woke up at 8am. My nephew and I will be having a day full of laughter and joy. This baby wakes up with a smile on his face giggling away. He is laid out in his play pin with toys surrounding him for random spurs of fun. He has his four-ounce bottle in hands enjoying breakfast. Or so I thought. 

He was trying to drink it, almost getting halfway through. I could see he wanted it but was more focused on chewing the bottle’s nipple than his hunger. In recent events, he has one little tooth right under the gum soon to break through. As exciting as it is, the tooth is interfering with his meals. Good thing I had the baby Orajel’s cousin Camilia to squeeze in his mouth. About 2 minutes later my nephew fell asleep without drinking the remaining two-ounces of formula. I knocked out a little after 10 once my edits were complete.

Both of us woke up around noon. We wiped the coal out of our eyes, stretched and looked at each other for food. I decided to go light on his bottle. He wasted a lot during breakfast and I was not sure how he would feel about lunch. I cut him an ounce short leaving the bottle with five. For myself, I went with Raisin Bran cereal and paired it with Pepperidge Farm Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Bread. A lot of raisins! 

While eating we caught up with the DVR. Food and its endless possibilities intrigue me. I had recorded about 5 episodes of “Iron Chef Gauntlet” and binge watched all of it. The way someone can use chicken in SEVEN different ways in ONE dish is amazing. The thought and detail put into every dish is a work of art. Very inspiring!

Time for some noise!

My nephew fell asleep after the third episode, he missed out, with the bottle somehow under his body. I made a great choice in cutting him short because he did not drink what I served. The little guy did not sleep for too long either. Might have been only an hour. He woke up very unhappy. 

I guess his little tooth under the gum was really hurting because he did not want to be alone. This baby needed attention and was crying his lungs out to get it. To calm him down we played. I basically stuck a teething ring in his mouth and made funny noises to get him laughing. Distraction from the pain worked out great. He fell back to sleep for another hour until my father walked in putting the sleeping prince on high alert. At least pops came baring gifts.

I have a nice sized shoe collection that is stacked against the wall on two different sides of my bedroom. Father thought it would be cool if I had plastic shoe crates instead of the boxes they came in. I have to admit that it is a pretty cool idea and worth trying, tomorrow.

Now that my nephew is up, once again he is a cranky baby. Thank goodness my sister got home shortly after around 7pm. I love my nephew but I cannot handle his cry. About half an hour later mom shows up with my grandfather. Then an hour later my girlfriend. Very busy home this evening!

Snack run!

Mom and I head out for random reasons. She had to see a friend to pay for a raffle that will be drawn in a few days. (hopefully she wins) Afterwards we take a drive to 7-Eleven for snacks. Mom had a sweet tooth that had to be dealt with. I picked up a pack of Halls and a new MountainDew that is not too tasty. Back home to my lady a little after 10 ready to enjoy my half hot, half cold dinner.

To end the night, we laid in bed to continue the Netflix show “LOVE.” One of us likes it more than the other.  

(photos found on Google images)

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