Sick Chronicles (part 4)

April 3, 2018 

Eating an orange before bed probably was not a good idea.  

I was awake the entire night barley getting 2 hours of sleep. I am not sure if it was too much sugar before bed but my mind was racing at thousand miles an hour. With nothing being relevant, all of it a giant super hero movie with me as the main character. Being the hero I desire. Weird! 

I will be spending the day with my nephew hopefully getting as much sleep as he does. I plan to take every nap that he does in order to make up for last night. Since I am up way sooner than expected, I get ready to settle him in and then move my car. As he lays in the play pin I change his diaper and hand him a bottle. I put my nephew to bed right after expecting to follow him closely. Trying my hardest to sleep but with no luck. Being next to my nephew put me on high alert for some reason. Usually I sleep the best next to him. 

Around 12:15pm I could not take it anymore and had to use a help line.  

My mother was off from work today so I asked her to watch the baby for an hour so I could finally sleep. My eyes were hurting just from being open. Something I never thought was possible. Feeling a little more rested I resume care of my nephew. It would be rude of me to have my mother babysit the entire time on her day off. 

For lunch I had raisin and spice Quaker instant oatmeal as YouTube streamed on the screen. Feeling motivated after eating and resting I decided to edit a few posts. I also read very interesting articles online that I plan to copy over to the blog. They are inspiring and I believe will help a few people. 

My nephew and I ended up taking a nap!  

All the rest I can get will help significantly. Some people feel that too much sleep is bad for them but the more I get the better. It replenishes my energy greatly. The best part is I actually slept, not checking on him every minute.  

As I woke up my mother was in the middle of preparing one of my favorite dishes, Carne Guisada. Boneless beef shoulder steak cut into cubes, mixed vegetables, and red and white sweet potatoes. Pour this over rice and it becomes a spectacular meal. 

I ended the night early in bed by 11:30pm. I watched my best bud stream a few games on Twitch with another friend of ours leading me into the realm of dreams. Before I fully laid my head to rest I played 15 minutes of Far Cry 5 in order to unlock multiplayer mode for tomorrow night. As soon as I accomplished that mission I was right in bed.  

(photos found on Google images)



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