Sick Chronicles (part 2)

April 1, 2018 

Today is going to be an emotional day. It is Easter Sunday, April Fools and my grandmother’s 1st death anniversary.  

It is day 2 of feeling wacky. I wake up at 10:45am feeling somewhat better. The chills are gone but the sore throat is still in full effect. On top of that my headache is back. I shower and dress up nice for Easter. For breakfast I have a yogurt and I am on a mission to try all of the Yoplait Oui flavors. 

Netflix original shows are starting to catch my attention. Today I began watching “The Frankenstein Chronicles.” Have to love the classic horror story twists. After episode 2 I switch over to “The Walking Dead.” I have not watched this show since season six and decide to catch up. 

Again, not feeling up for driving I ride with my sister and nephew. We head over to the cemetery around 1:30pm arriving an hour later. My grandfather is a veteran so grandma is buried in the lot the VA has saved. The same people from last night’s dinner were there; 2 uncles, mom, dad, grandfather. 

After letting our emotions free the cold starts to penetrate the skin. We headed to a diner about 15 minutes away. I had a waffle that I think was half cooked with a lot of cinnamon apples on top. It was as if they took an apple pie, flipped it over onto the waffle, then whipped a whole can of cream to finish it off. Not very tasty. The Canadian bacon and fries were good. 

On the way back, we made a few stops. The baby needed formula and my sister needed cake mix so Target was first. Surprisingly the company closes down for Easter. I do not remember that happening in the past but I think it is a good thing. So, we try our luck with Stop and Shop. Once again surprisingly not open. Next up, City Supermarket. Bingo! Unfortunately, no formula but they did have cake mix and Halls for my throat. 

Back home by 6:30pm getting very comfortable. My girlfriend comes over to see the baby in his Easter outfit. My sister had all kinds of plans for his First Easter. They made confetti cup cakes with white or green frosting. She bought an egg dyeing kit which my mother, girlfriend and I participated in. Cannot let them have all the fun. And she made him a little Easter basket.  

It was a lot of fun but drained me out completely. Great way to end the night! 

(photos found on Google images)


We started a new Netflix show called “LOVE.” So far pretty good, we will see. 

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