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“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol,

A Day For ME !

April 27, 2018 

I like what I do for work but today is a day to stay home. 

I woke up at 7:20am to move my car. As soon as I came back in the AC was turned on and my body was back in bed. I slept until 11:30 not even realizing that it was nearly noon. 

Today I felt worse than yesterday. I thought I would have gotten over this by now but more time to recover is needed. I even took medicine, as hard as I tried not to, because my congestion got worse.  


Being noon I was hungry and with nothing in the house to eat I decided to venture out. Around 12:30 I began my journey by stopping at the gas station to fill up on fuel. Last night I did not want to stop and drove straight home with a little less than a quarter of a tank. Next stop was Target. My main focus was to get soup. I wanted something soothing to eat. While I was there I picked up a coupled of items that I needed for the house; air freshener, laundry detergent, hair conditioner, HallsWalking definitely worked up an appetite 

The thought of soup sounded good but as I left Target it changed. I did not want to have to cook and wait to eat after walking around the store. Instead I went for a meal that I have wanted for the past week, sushi. While getting ready to leave the parking lot I called and placed an order from one of my favorite restaurants, Pandang, for pick-up. I ordered the same thing as always – 1x salmon tempura roll, 1x spicy crab roll and a Thai iced tea to wash it down. 

With everything being about 15 minutes apart from each other – from home to Target to Pandang back home – the drive was very simple and quick. Sometimes I do wish they were in walking distance but knowing myself driving would still be the first option. I was home by 2:30pm ripping my clothes off so I could get comfortable in my pajamas. Set up in front of the living room TV I began to enjoy my meal as I watched a recording of “Iron Chef: Gauntlet.”  


(photo found on Google images)

Time for some work/play.  

Searching through the loads of bookmarks that Google holds for me I stumbled upon an article that was saved back in 2016. It was a great article that spoke volumes to me and by re-reading it, I gained a new perspective. The article is called “3 Important Business Skills They Don’t Teach You in School” by Ken Dunn. It was such a great article that I began to repost it before my best friend asked me to play Call of Duty: World War 2 with him for the Twitch stream.  


(photo found on Google images)

Around 5pm my mother comes home with my nephew so I could watch after him while she went out. For about an hour I was back and forth playing the game and keeping my nephew entertained. He was probably the highlight of the stream because of how energetic he is. My best friend was happy to hear him making it a plus.  

An hour and a half later I finished playing so I could prepare my nephews bottle. It was time for him to be fed and he did not want to wait. While he was eating my sister showed up. That meant my job was done and I could get back to the article from earlier. I ended up finishing it and scheduling it for a better time. By now most people won’t see it which would defeat the purpose of trying to help others improve 

To finish the night. 

After setting things up I made myself a cup of ginger honey tea. With the remaining water I set a cup of chicken noodle soup to cook. Something soothing to help with the healing process. As I ate I watched a DashieGames video for laughs. 

For the rest of the night, I spent hours trying to get my new graphics card to run properly. It is the ‘overclock edition’ but the settings I had it at were unstable. I based my overclock settings off of the other cards I have from the same company but for some reason it would not work. No being able to figure it out I called it night. It was already 12am meaning time passed me by without even noticing. I will give it a set of fresh eyes in the morning.  


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A Day of Work !

April 26, 2018

Woke up 7:45 and fell back to sleep until 8:30. 

Another day of not feeling well but work is important and I must go. We will be at two new locations that I want to impress. Before heading out for the day I made myself a cup of ginger honey tea and grabbed a vanilla Oui yogurt from the fridge.

Out the door at 9:45. I should and wanted to leave earlier but I could not get this sluggish body of mine to move any faster than what it was. On the way there, the GPS thought it would be best if I took the employees route. Yes, it was shorter but unfortunately that route meant I needed a key card and there were no guards for me to speak to. As I thought of another route around someone pulled in behind me. Little did she know I did not work there so she had to back up in order for me to get out of the way. Luckily, she was a nice lady a told me where to go, too bad she could not let me in after her.

Even though she told me which street the front of the building was on I still put it into the GPS. The front entrance was 15 minutes from the back entrance. How was that possible? I literally had to go around the property, through town, get detoured by construction before I saw the main gate to the Toys R Us headquarters. The ride was a pain but at least I was able to see some beautiful homes along the way.


(photo found on Google images)

If the weather could only stay this way.

The day was perfect. Sunny, warm, cool breeze, 68 degrees. The best day of the week to for ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’. (Not only that, the lady I work with brought her son. Big plus.) Who knew we would be so lucky to be able to serve this company today. To be honest, before going there we were told that it would not be a good place for business. Little did they know that it actually was. It turned out to be better than what was expected.

Time to for dinner.

We packed up at 3:30 to head to our next location. At this point I was feeling so bad that the lady I work with had to give me some DayQuil for my headache and congestion. Without it I do not think I would have survived the rest of the day.

The next location was close, 15 minutes away to be exact. Once we got there things got confusing. It is a two building apartment complex that is spread out by a small pond. This pond sits right in the middle of them with a narrow 2-way road going around it. Where we set up was questionable but seemed the safest until we were told to move further up towards the first building. This was even worse but apparently the place to be. When we moved we were place right in the middle of both buildings at the tip of the bend. Not ideal but it was convenient for the people living there.


(Google Maps)

Even though the move delayed service by a few minutes it turned out to be a great night for our first time being there. The complex was definitely enthusiastic!

Time to head home.

Around 9:10 we were in our cars and on the road home. The time to get home was a lot shorter because we were right by highway. It took me an hour to get to Toys R Us but from the apartment complex about 30 minutes to get home. By 10pm I was relaxing in front the computer opening up a package my uncle sent me. Surprise, surprise a new graphics card for my desktop. Nothing fancy but perfect for what I need it for. Behold a brand new ASUS Cerberus GTX 1050 Ti. Thank you tio!


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3 Important Business Skills They Don’t Teach You in School

Back in 2016 I read a great article written by the CEO and Founder of ReadersLegacy.com (GoRead.com), Ken Dunn, titled “3 Important Business Skills They Don’t Teach You in School.” It has been nearly 2 years later and as I reread it there were important nuggets that I thought should be implement in my daily life. Gaining a new appreciation for his words, I realized that many others could benefit from it as well. Below I have posted his three skills and there explanations that every entrepreneur or someone looking to go into entrepreneurship should practice.



Image credit: Neal Stimler | Flickr

1. Communicating  

Entrepreneur are only as successful as their ability to explain their vision. Communicating with other people is likely the most important skill of any entrepreneur. Knowing when to communicate — and when not to — is the difference between the business have’s and have-nots.  

Your communication skills will be needed in every aspect of your job.  You will have to inspire your employees with your words, build confidence with your investors and explain your actions to your shareholders. 

Now, make sure that you are not committing the worst sin of communicating. I have consulted for CEO’s in the past who fancied themselves as great communicators, however, what they really did was run over people and talk everyone around them into submission. I have seen executives who waste hours of time over-talking in meetings. They feel like they have to be heard and over-explain everything. They do not let others get heard and, as a result, end up creating a suppressive environment, where other people’s thoughts never get heard. 

Do yourself a favor and find a good mentor or executive coach to help you do a personal check and work on increasing your communication skills. You can never be a good enough communicator. 

2. Multitasking 

As an entrepreneur, you are going to be expecting to know everything, about every part, of your endeavor. In the early days, you will be the “chief cook and bottle washer.” As your enterprise grows, so to will your personal tasks.  

In the early days, you will have to run the company and take care of shipping / receiving. As your business grows, your tasks will change, and you will still have a multitude of them. If you are lucky enough to get into the big leagues, you will eventually get to manage your business and your shareholders at the same time. 

Regardless of the stage, you will need to be involved in many different things at the same time. You have no choice — so get good at it! I have never met a successful big-league founder or CEO who didn’t have a great handle on time management and keeping important things — like family and health — in perspective. Again, if you are struggling in this area, hire a coach or consultant to help you. 

3. Attention to detail 

We’ve all heard the old saying — “The devil is in the details.” I personally believe it would be better to say, “Your ultimate success is in the details.” Managing details is likely the most important skill of any successful business person.  

People who are weak in this area will tend to ignore the details. They will categorize them as “little things.” But if you let enough “little things” build up, they will turn into a “big thing.” Big things kill businesses! As the primary of your own business, you need to become an expert (and example to others) of how to deal with the details. 

Examples of important details are reviewing, and understanding, your daily financial reports, emailing your key people with little “thank-yous” for a job well done, managing email in general and about 1000 more things. 

If you are struggling in any of these areas, you already know it. Let this little piece be your slap in the face. Your company, and employees, are depending on you to make the venture successful. The fastest way to improve these skills is to hire one of the many awesome management consultants or coaches that are available.   


For the full article visit here: 


 More from Ken Dunn:



2 ILL Dudes!

April 25, 2018 

Today is the day for uncle and nephew time. 

I woke up at 7:45am to get things ready for my nephew. Little did I know that he and his mother were already in the living room. Seeing as my sister had already set him in the playpen I went straight to the kitchen to make myself a cup of ginger honey tea. I woke up feeling like a bag of potatoes sat on each of my shoulders. Or as if gravity had increased around me. Am I sick, yes, yes I am.  

The worse part of going through today is that my nephew is also sick. He ran a fever of over 100 last night and was likely to run it again today. He will need to be closely monitored. On top of that he was congested with more mucus than any little person should have. (nose and eyes) He definitely has it worse than me.  

Two sick guys just laying around. 

After he drank his morning bottle we took a nap from 8:30 to 11:30. If there is one thing does justice for me when I am feeling ill it is sleep. I feel so energized after a nap even if I wake up every time he takes a deep breath.  

On time as always as he is due for his bottle. The little timer in his head is precise. It rare if he stays asleep when it is time eat unless he has not napped and exhausted. I am glad he wakes up with a smile or I might not appreciate him being punctual when I am in a good dream. But I live for his smile so I get up without hesitation. 

As I get his bottle together I set of pot of water on the stove to boil. The more tea I drink the better my throat feels. The little things help. Even though I was not feeling well the need to do something was strong. The most energy I could muster up was to wash clothes.  After that I was spend. 

Cat Nap! 

Around 5:45pm my nephew fell asleep. The moment I noticed him fully fall under the Sand Man’s spell. I joined him. Unfortunately, it did not last long. A half an hour at most. I completely forgot to silent my phone, leaving it on vibrate, leading to my rude awakening. I hoped my nephew remained sleeping but my hopes were put down. He heard it. The vibration of my phone going off 3 times cut our nap short. 

Since I was up it was time for more tea. 

My sister came for her son shortly after, around 6:30, feeling sick. We think this little petri dish might have passed on his cold to us. I mean what are the odds that he goes to the doctors on Monday, is sick and a few days later we feel the same way. Is it even possible to get sick from a 6 month old? 

Anyway, while my sister plays with her son I decide to clean out my mother’s laptop. A few days ago, it was overrun by a lot of malware. Without knowing it the computers antivirus software had been shut down leaving the door wide open to all of the internet’s nasty bugs. So, I ran several malware scans, virus scans and deleted any file that looked suspicious or were not used over the past year. It was a project! 

Before bed I jumped on Call of Duty: World War 2 with my Texas buddy. The game had recently done a huge update and needed our attention. Afterwards we switched over to Fortnite so his wife could get in on the gaming action as well. I must admit, gaming was a catastrophe tonight. We died more than played. Needless to say, the night ended early and I was asleep by 12.