Action Packed!

March 25, 2018

Sunday baby!  

Did not sleep in too much this weekend. Woke up at 9:45am and straight into the shower. There is nothing better than taking a hot shower in a cold morning to get started.

For breakfast I had the usual cup of fresh brewed coffee with buttered bread. This has been my weekend meal since I started drinking coffee as a kid.

While I ate my sister and nephew show up to play. Yesterday my sister bought a sit and step toy to help the baby get his balance and have fun while doing it. Out of excitement to see how he likes the toy I put him in it right away. It is cute how he knows nothing about playing and everything about banging.

I left the house around 12:30pm to head to an appointment. The person I was meeting lives 15 minutes from my house which was great. My mentor met me there to help explain and teach me about investments. This appointment made me want to pass my Series 6 exam even more. It was a great learning experience!

Afterwards I had planned to go to the laundromat and wash a couple of big quits that do not fit in my washer. On the way to get detergent I called my best friend to see how his new computer was running. To my surprise he had not picked up a copy of Windows from the person who build the pc. Apparently, my friend was just about to call an Uber because he had to get it after 3. Being a great friend, I picked him up instead. I figured the laundromat was not going anywhere.

On the way back to my friend’s house we stopped at Micro Center to geek out a bit. Walking around made us hungry so we stop at Ani Ramen along the way. It has to be one of the best ramen shops in my area of New Jersey. To start off we ordered a set of pork buns and a dish of chili charred edamame. For the entree we picked today’s special which was kimchi tempura shrimp ramen. As always, to wash it down we drank their incredibly tasty yuzu lemonade. The BEST!

For a snack we walked down the street to a place called Vanillamore. It was our first time going in and actually trying something. We got hazelnut hot chocolates with a shot of espresso thanks to the cashier’s recommendation. I have to say the staff was amazing.

We got back to his house around 6pm and uploaded Windows onto the hard drive. It was not an easy process. The hard drives had been used previously and needed to be erased, then I had to install the software three times before it actually booted straight through without getting the ‘Blue Screen of Death’.

I left his house around 8:45 to stop at McDonald’s. My girlfriend wanted an Oreo McFlurry with fries. She was having a rough night and wanted to wind down with a little ‘feel good’ food. Typical McDonalds, ice cream machine is down. Getting to her house empty handed was disappointing.

The rest of the night was simple. Conference call at 9, laid out in front of the TV and watched a great movie, “Four Brothers.”

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March 24, 2018

Good beautiful morning! It is 6:45am, the sun is coming up bright and the temperature in the low 40s. I feel blessed to be awake on this cold beautiful day!

For the next eight hours I will be enjoying today with some of the greatest people around. It is Saturday which means I have an awesome training at the office. I was running a bit behind schedule so I never made my routinely stop at Dunkin Donuts but it was not really needed this morning. As my eyes opened, all the natural caffeine in me brew. It was like a double shot of espresso before I even left the bed.

For the past two weeks a group of us have been trying to do a team bonding activity. Every date that was set, we had to reschedule due to everyone’s busy lives. Today we decided to go with or without them. A small group of us, nine, went to a dine-in theater that was 10 – 15 minutes from our office. Very convenient. We watched “Black Panther” which turned out to be better than I expected. Since it is a dine-in theater I ordered AMC’s loaded brisket fries that turned out to be worse than I expected. It might have actually been a good dish if the cook had not drowned the fires in ranch dressing. The description sounds amazing; pulled brisket, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, rich cheddar cheese sauce, sweet jalapenos and house-made ranch dressing.

It was a great time! It felt good to be out with people who inspire others through their motivation to succeed.  

The movies ended at 2:45pm and when I got outside boy was the sun beaming! Too bad my sunglasses were on my home dresser and not in the car. Home around 3:30, still hungry because those fries were not appetizing. I look around the kitchen for something that could be heated up quick. First thing I saw was the Portuguese roll. Toast it with butter and then a spread of grape jelly. Quick and easy! 

Bonded with my nephew from 4:30 to about 8:15. My mother, sister and grandfather went out for a little air and came home with a bunch of stuff. Boston Markets for dinner, Starbucks for drinks, toys from Toys R Us since they are going out of business and a load of bags from Target. They out did themselves! 

After dinner I worked on a few Twitch titles for my best friend. They did not meet my expectations of creativity but I think they look good for the channel. I tried to get inspired by watched a few other Twitch channels while I made them but I could not get them how they were envisioned.

Anyway, I am going to bed early. I have an appointment in the afternoon and want to be ready. Night! 


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5 Secrets!

For a More Productive Workday!

A few days ago, I received the April edition of MONEY magazine in the mail. As I flipped through the pages I read what stood out the most or what interested me. Not too far into the magazine, page 22, I come across an article in the ‘Work’ section by Mike Ayers. He talks about the Shark Tank investor, Daymond John’s new book “Rise and Grind.” I have not read the book myself but it seems very interesting after reading the five tips for a more productive workday that Daymond provided MONEY.

Here they are exactly as I read:

1. Find a State of Being

“Your frame of mind can often be ‘I gotta go out there and do it.’ It’s always the numbers, the numbers, the numbers. Before you can even get to that, what are your disciplines that gets you up every day? So it’s a state of being. It’s how you maximize your 24 hours a day that every one of us has. Why would you be more successful if we all have the exact same 24 hours? What are our methods that we’re accomplishing that? That all starts with your mind.”

2. Go on the Offense, Avoid Defense

“I notice that a lot of people [in the book] who get up in the morning, they won’t touch their emails. They look at all the emails coming in as doing what everybody else wants. That’s their defense. Instead, they won’t answer them or they will put them in different areas. Instead, they will send out stuff — that’s their offense. They just want to send things out.”

3. Find Alone Time

“People don’t realize, they need time alone. We’re so connected. There’s no place where we can talk to ourselves and find out what we want to do. We get up in the morning and there’s a million emails, the family is running around. You get on your transportation going to work, the world is blowing up. And you get to work, you’re dealing with everybody there and social media. You’re not taking time for yourself at all. What I notice is a lot of people find the time, daily, to [be alone]. You end up being on the hamster wheel when you do that.”

4. Seek Disconnect

“I also need to look at more places to find disconnect [from technology]. You can never get enough of it. It’s like a team. If a team is playing whatever type of sport and you don’t have time to warm up and you don’t have a half time, when the hell do you have time to go over strategy? You’re just playing all day.”

5. Live Life Like a Kung Fu Master

“A kung fu master could be the ultimate at 40 years old, and you think he doesn’t need to learn any more moves. But a kung fu master needs to learn a different set of moves at 70, when his muscle retention and reflexes aren’t the same. To still be a master, he has to find other things to do to replace what is gone. And so I think [work] is a constant learning curve.”

What Did I Do?

March 23, 2018

What a short day! 

Woke up at 8am a bit chilly not knowing why since the heater was set to 75 degrees. To warm up I had a warm bowl of Quaker oatmeal – Apple Cinnamon mixed with Cinnamon Spice – as I sat in front of  the computer watching YouTube.

Before work I stopped at the mall for Starbucks to get my new favorite drink, Matcha Green Tea Latte.

Where I was working today was interesting. Back in 2013 I interned for a company called Dun and Bradstreet. Today I returned but a quarter mile across the lot at the building next to it. It felt good to reminisce about interning there. It was a great experience that me taught me a lot. One of the things I learned was how much working in an office setting sucked. For me. I like fast paced work, hands on, somewhere a little more upbeat.

We finished up around 3pm and as I headed home I realized a mistake was made. I forgot to get gas before jumping on the highway. My luck was being tested. Having very little gas to the point where the light flickers on and off is scary. It is especially scary when you have to drive 10 miles in traffic watching it flicker. I considered many thing, getting off the nearest exit, jumping the barrier, cutting people off, but none of that was done. The nearest exit was not close enough, my car is too low for the barrier, and cutting people was impossible as well as pointless. Slow and steady I rode until the highway opened up. Then I took off! 

I want to say Thank You to Honda. Your fuel delivery is amazing. I sat in traffic for 25 minutes with my fuel gauge pointing to E and a flickering indication of trouble but still made it to the gas station. I love my car! 

I got home around 3:30. Showered up and put a cheese steak sandwich from earlier in the oven. Now having a sandwich without chips is like a flower without dirt. It is a necessity! So, I lay out some barbecue chips on a plastic plate for easy picking. While I eat, Netflix is loaded up with the series “Dark”. I have to say, I am completely confused. This rarely happens which has me hooked like a fish on a four-pound line. For the rest of the night my eyes are glued to the TV until I get too tired to even sit. Off to bed!


March 22, 2018 

It is early and my nephew has the appetite of a baby hippo. Before I get the bottle to his mouth he grabs it from my hand. Whoa! After he eats he knocks right out. Not waiting to be burped or have the bottle taken from his mouth.  

While he sleeps I lay next to him browsing the web for some creative ideas to keep the blog life busy. I get some great ideas and read some that are just odd 

My eyes are heavy now leading to a very long nap. Last night I went to bed late again. Every time I say “I’m going to bed early today, no matter what!” it never happens. It has been about a week now since my sleep cycle was broken making it harder to stay awake in the mornings. For a while now I have been in the market for a chef’s knife. There are about five that interest me but none that have left me with a need. 

I woke up at 11:30am. I knew my nephew would be up soon asking for his bottle. While I prepared it, I received a phone call regarding work. Originally, I had off tomorrow but if extra money can be made then it shall! 

My nephew and I had our lunch as we watched Paw Patrol. My stomach was a bit upset so I made a cup of lemon tea. Once my stomach settled down I had a mix of Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes. While I waited for my sister to get her son I did some edits on posts that might make the blog.  

My girlfriend’s mother is cooking dinner tonight or so I thought. My girlfriend herself ended up cooking me breaded fried shrimp with white rice and beans. It was delicious. During the week some time, she and her mother bought a five door stand up cabinet for a few books and miscellaneous items that sat on a desk. The desk was old and abused so it was thrown out. It took us about two hours to put together which was actually pretty fun. It was the first time we have ever built a piece of furniture together.  

Afterwards we laid out in front of the TV cuddled up trying to keep warm. It was cold night and for some reason the house was even colder.