March 28, 2018 

Getting home late always has its downfalls. It is hard to wake up in the morning. I have to move my car in the blistering cold. The sun is bright. But since I am up early it is time to set up my nephews play pin for his morning nap.  

An hour after digesting his bottle he fell asleep. I was extremely tired myself and decided to take a nap with him. We woke up at 12pm wondering where the time went but feeling really good from resting. It was time for another bottle and a lot of playing. He has an activity play mat that we do not use because it is Winter and the floors get cold. Instead I put it in his play pin for him to use. He loves it! 

I noticed my nephew was energized making his nap time short. I believe he closed his eyes for about 30 minutes before waking up. At this point I leave him playing alone. I was hungry with an idea of a new recipe for some chicken breast that were in the fridge from last night. Making and trying new foods excites me. My recipe for today was: 

Two thinly sliced chicken breast covered in white flour mixed with chili powered, nut meg,  garlic, and black pepper. Dipped into two beaten eggs. Then covered it in crumbled Spicey Sweet Chili Doritos. 

Two things that I learned: 

  1. Too much flour and not enough spices. 
  2. The Doritos are great as a crust! 

I will definitely try it again with buttermilk for extra flavor and crisp. 

I did try to make a side for the chicken but it was a miserable fail. I like making fried rice with vegetables. I thought it would be perfect to go with the chicken so I set a pot for it and started the process. Then I forgot it and it burnt. Oops. Thankfully the chicken tasted good by itself. 

Mail Time! 

On Saturday I order pamphlets from my company to distribute when I go on appointments. It is always good to leave something behind for the client to read. It was exciting to receive the package more than the pamphlets. Isn’t it funny how people get excited for packages no matter what it is. It could be paper in a box but we still want to open it. 

Around 6pm my mother comes from work to watch the baby. I had some chores to do but since the baby did not sleep, except for his cat nap, nothing got done. After cleaning up a bit I wanted to game. Watching other people play on Twitch is as close to gaming as I have gotten. I jumped on Fortnite and was even lucky enough to play with my best friend from Texas. It is hard for us to communicate these days but when we do it feels great. 

No more playing, dinner time! 

It is Wednesday which means my girlfriend gets out of work late. She came over with pizza which was not supposed to be my dinner. My father had bought Spanish food from a place we always eat at; rice, beans, pernil. There were also sweet plantains that could not go to waste. So, I did what any other person would do and mixed them together. I had a pepperoni slice with pernil and sweet plantains on top. Oddly it tasted great! 

The rest of the night we watched a Netflix movie called “Benji“. It is based off of several older films dating back to 1974 and was such a great movie. 

(photos found on Goolge images)

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