March 24, 2018

Good beautiful morning! It is 6:45am, the sun is coming up bright and the temperature in the low 40s. I feel blessed to be awake on this cold beautiful day!

For the next eight hours I will be enjoying today with some of the greatest people around. It is Saturday which means I have an awesome training at the office. I was running a bit behind schedule so I never made my routinely stop at Dunkin Donuts but it was not really needed this morning. As my eyes opened, all the natural caffeine in me brew. It was like a double shot of espresso before I even left the bed.

For the past two weeks a group of us have been trying to do a team bonding activity. Every date that was set, we had to reschedule due to everyone’s busy lives. Today we decided to go with or without them. A small group of us, nine, went to a dine-in theater that was 10 – 15 minutes from our office. Very convenient. We watched “Black Panther” which turned out to be better than I expected. Since it is a dine-in theater I ordered AMC’s loaded brisket fries that turned out to be worse than I expected. It might have actually been a good dish if the cook had not drowned the fires in ranch dressing. The description sounds amazing; pulled brisket, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, rich cheddar cheese sauce, sweet jalapenos and house-made ranch dressing.

It was a great time! It felt good to be out with people who inspire others through their motivation to succeed.  

The movies ended at 2:45pm and when I got outside boy was the sun beaming! Too bad my sunglasses were on my home dresser and not in the car. Home around 3:30, still hungry because those fries were not appetizing. I look around the kitchen for something that could be heated up quick. First thing I saw was the Portuguese roll. Toast it with butter and then a spread of grape jelly. Quick and easy! 

Bonded with my nephew from 4:30 to about 8:15. My mother, sister and grandfather went out for a little air and came home with a bunch of stuff. Boston Markets for dinner, Starbucks for drinks, toys from Toys R Us since they are going out of business and a load of bags from Target. They out did themselves! 

After dinner I worked on a few Twitch titles for my best friend. They did not meet my expectations of creativity but I think they look good for the channel. I tried to get inspired by watched a few other Twitch channels while I made them but I could not get them how they were envisioned.

Anyway, I am going to bed early. I have an appointment in the afternoon and want to be ready. Night! 


(photos found on Google images)

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