March 22, 2018 

It is early and my nephew has the appetite of a baby hippo. Before I get the bottle to his mouth he grabs it from my hand. Whoa! After he eats he knocks right out. Not waiting to be burped or have the bottle taken from his mouth.  

While he sleeps I lay next to him browsing the web for some creative ideas to keep the blog life busy. I get some great ideas and read some that are just odd 

My eyes are heavy now leading to a very long nap. Last night I went to bed late again. Every time I say “I’m going to bed early today, no matter what!” it never happens. It has been about a week now since my sleep cycle was broken making it harder to stay awake in the mornings. For a while now I have been in the market for a chef’s knife. There are about five that interest me but none that have left me with a need. 

I woke up at 11:30am. I knew my nephew would be up soon asking for his bottle. While I prepared it, I received a phone call regarding work. Originally, I had off tomorrow but if extra money can be made then it shall! 

My nephew and I had our lunch as we watched Paw Patrol. My stomach was a bit upset so I made a cup of lemon tea. Once my stomach settled down I had a mix of Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes. While I waited for my sister to get her son I did some edits on posts that might make the blog.  

My girlfriend’s mother is cooking dinner tonight or so I thought. My girlfriend herself ended up cooking me breaded fried shrimp with white rice and beans. It was delicious. During the week some time, she and her mother bought a five door stand up cabinet for a few books and miscellaneous items that sat on a desk. The desk was old and abused so it was thrown out. It took us about two hours to put together which was actually pretty fun. It was the first time we have ever built a piece of furniture together.  

Afterwards we laid out in front of the TV cuddled up trying to keep warm. It was cold night and for some reason the house was even colder.  


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