Not So Special… 

March 21, 2018 

Back on schedule and feeling good about it! 

Woke up at 7:30am right on time.  

Work was canceled for today since it is snowing so I will have a snow day with my nephew instead. Honesty the snow is not bad at all. Think of dandruff, that is what’s happening right now. I do not mind a relaxed day.  

I jumped on today’s conference call while my nephew slept. Normally he is awake at this time but when as soon as my sister laid him down he knocked out. He didn’t even have his breakfast bottle. 

My call ended at 8, surprisingly my nephew is still asleep. I decided to lay next to him and start this entry. It turned out to be a bad idea because my eyes and hands got heavy. I ended up napping with him. Around 10 I could hear his nails scratching against the mesh wall of his play pin. I knew what that meant, time for breakfast. I get up make his bottle, put some TV on and continue to write. I also download a few games on my phone because I wanted to try gaming with a PS3 controller. It sucks that all games are not supported but the ones that are run really smooth. Once he finished his bottle he went right back to sleep with me trailing right behind. I guess we work too much.  

We woke up around 12pm. This time I hear him stretching with a yawn. Man, his inner clock is great. He wakes up right on time for his bottles. While he ate I wrote a bit more.  

Around 3pm I have myself a Sedona salad from Sprout and as a snack a yogurt. This yogurt…was amazing. It is a French style yogurt called Oui by Yoplait. I had the black cherry version making me wish more than one was bought.  

Snow has kicked into overdrive! 

By now my sister has her child and I decide to have some alone time to read a bit. Now I should be working on finishing my book since the month is almost over but instead I read a MONEY magazine. This is my first time reading MONEY and will not be my last. The information printed inside is great! Not all of it but a great majority of it. 

Dinner was served around 7:30pm. In the pots were white rice and red beans. Sitting in the conventional oven was baked chicken. Put all together was a great meal. While I ate I browsed YouTube then switched over to Twitch. Watching the stream got me thinking about how long it has been since a controller was in hand. I realized it had been a while. So, I ended the night playing “Call of Duty: World at War.” Great times! 

(right online left my camera) 

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