The 7 Cs of Non-Reactive Decision-Making

In his book “Crunch Time – 8 Steps to Making the Right Life Decisions at the Right Times“, Ken Lindner talks about “The Seven Cs of Non-Reactive Decision-Making.” He and his clients have adapted to this thinking and use these principles to achieve better decision-making results.

  1. Stay Cool.
  2. Think Clearly.
  3. Remain Cognizant of the Goal You Want to Attain.
  4. Identify Constructive and Positive Means of Goal Attainment.
  5. Character Counts in the decision-making process, because if you feel good about your decision, you’ll feel good about who you are. This raises self-esteem.
  6. Choose Your Very Best Course of Action.

I highly recommend getting a copy for yourself. Throughout the book Ken will help you to think a little bit more clearly when making decisions during your “Crunch Time” and how to use your past decisions to make better future ones.


(photo found on Amazon)

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