Birthday Girl! 

March 20, 2018  

Going to bed late is not helping my mornings! 

I slept in to 8am today. I could not wake up like normal no matter how hard I tried. My mornings are the ‘productive self-time’ and if I lack sleep it interferes.  

Work does not start till 10:45am giving me a lot of time to focus on my edits and start today’s journal entry. I have to be in Short Hills, the place where the winds blow like crazy. Not looking forward to it. Before I get to work I take a 15 minute detour to the mall next door. I was super early so I stopped in for Starbucks. I picked up a white chocolate mocha latte for my coworker and a matcha green tea latte for myself. It was exciting to know that Starbucks even sold a matcha latte. If I had known that before it would have become my go-to drink.  

Work was short, four hours max. There is another storm coming in so the cold did not allow for much talk time. We were basically in and out hitting the road back home by 2:45pm. I even beat all the parents before they left work to get their kids. I was home by 3:10 already gathering my clothes for a shower.  

It is prep time! 

Today I have two appointments; at 5 and 6pm. I look over my material and try to role play with myself on how they will go. Preparation is key. My appointments are at my girlfriend’s job with her coworkers. I have been trying to sit down with someone in that place for a while. Now that it is happening the nervousness kicks in. It has been a while since I actually sat with a client. Probably about 3 or 4 months. I got too comfortable making my own schedule that I completely stopped making one. This was a good experience and great beginning to getting back into entrepreneurship.  

Now I do not think I did well but I tried my best. With that small fires were lit and follow up appointments were set. From now until then I have the opportunity to really get my mojo back. When I sit down with them next time it will be a new experience. To improve myself even more I asked my mentor to join me in order to receive professional feedback. 

After my appointments I sat there to reflex on what I said and what was asked. I took notes that way I could avoid certain phrases or buzz words during conversations. Afterwards I went across the street to pick up dinner for my family. Today is mom’s birthday and she wanted Thai food so here’s what I got:  

  • Mom: Thai fried rice, no onions or peppers. Side of Thai dumplings. 
  • Dad: Seafood medley with white rice, no mushrooms. 
  • Sister: Chicken pineapple fried rice, no onions. 
  • Me: not really hungry.  

My girlfriend comes over after work to wish my mother a happy birthday. Traditionally we celebrate with ice cream cake but not this year. To make it special we stick a candle on top of a desert she loves, cheese cake. When everyone is done eating my girlfriend and I sit down to review our days together. It is always good to self-reflect if you want to improve your skills but it is also important to receive feedback from someone else. Without reflection nothing will change. 

For the rest of the night we watched two episodes of “Seven Seconds”. It is my pleasure to announce that we finally finished the series! 

(photos found on Google images)

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