Cold! Cold! Cold!

March 19, 2018 

I had to move my car this morning. Woke up way to early.  

Its early in the morning and I am outside in the cold starting up my car. You would think that the cold air would wake a person up quickly. Not at all. It made me just want to crawl under the covers and hibernate like a bear. So I did. I came back in to the house, used the bathroom and cocooned myself in a warm fleece blanket until my alarm went off at 8am.   

It is such a cold day already, I only experienced about 5 minutes’ worth of it basically ruining my will to concur. But it is Monday and that means I have to get going. My Monday routine awaits! 

I get up brush my teeth, eat some breakfast, and get dressed. I search my closet for the warmest clothes I could possibly wear and quickly jump into them before a draft of cold air hits me. If the temperature is bad by my house then I know it is worse in Jersey City. 

Forcing myself out the house it is time to make my first stop, Teixeira’s Bakery. The order was actually called in yesterday for custard cups and bread making the pick up nice  and easy. Since I have time to spare I decide to stand in line for a couple of cappuccinos. I swear I might have a small addiction  to them. Not only that but they are perfect for 30-degree weather. 

I got to work around 10:20. It felt good to be early and sit in my warm car sipping my cappuccino. So good that stepping out into the cold was frightening 

We finished up a bit late today not shutting down until 2:45pm. We left an hour later after getting everything cleaned up. To my surprise the highway was incredibly empty making my drive home a peaceful one. 

I was home by 4:30 with my body cold and a need to warm up. I immediately hop in the shower. I woke up cold, left cold and worked cold. If it were not for hot water I would be a very upset man. For about an hour I reviewed my notes. Tomorrow I have an appointment and I want to be as prepared as possible. I also did some editing and even took a 30 minute nap.  

It is Monday night which means there is meeting at the office. I get there right on time. My stomach has been uneasy throughout the day and at the very last second, right as I am getting ready to leave, I feel a rumble. Stuck in the bathroom with no escape or hope to hurry, nature plays its course. Good thing traffic was moving a good pace. 

I got home around 9:45pm, undressed, and ate. While I ate I prepared for tomorrow. Looking over my notes once more I realize more practice is needed. Around 10:30 my girlfriend helps me with my presentation over the phone. Amazing! After gaining some confidence I call it a night.



Oh and by the way the belt I bought yesterday does not fit! 


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