Yup! It’s Sunday! 

March 18, 2018  

Let’s make it a fun day! 

I did it. I slept in. I got home late last night and went to bed later. I was advised to sleep in and even though I considered waking up as I normally do I did not. I rolled out of bed at 11am probably getting more sleep than I have in the past week. I could be wrong but this is how I felt when I opened my eyes. 

For the next two hours I caught up on some writing and web browsing. Since I was away over the weekend I did not have much time except for my journal. Around 1pm I decided to take a break and have a small bite to eat. Nothing special, a Portuguese roll buttered up with a cup of coffee. Once the washer and dryer were free I put in a load of work clothes for tomorrow. While that hit the spin cycle I got ready for a shower. Big day ahead of me! 

Around 3:15pm I pick up my girlfriend. Boy was there traffic on the way. I thought Sunday’s were the day people stayed in to family bond. Not today, people were everywhere I wanted them not be. To start our journey, we stopped at a buffet that opened up a while back eat. The place is called Kyoto Buffet and for my first time eating there it exceeded my expectations. I had a great experience eating sushi, the raw kind. I have tried it once before and it left me never wanting to trying it again. Over the years I did learn what it was supposed to taste and smell like. With my new knowledge I put the fish to the test. First up was salmon.  

  1. No fishy smell. Check 
  2. No fishy taste. Check 

THANK YOU! It was the best experience I could have had. The salmon was like butter melting in my mouth with such a delightful taste. Second up I cannot remember the name of but it was not my type of fish. Again, it passed the 1 and 2 test but the flavor of it was not for my palate. 

After lunch we did some shopping and when I say we I mean her, I pushed the cart. A new Burlington department store opened up in the neighborhood that we wanted to check out. It turned out to be no different from all the rest. My lady did get some stuff for herself and the family. I bought a belt. YAY! 

From there we drove across the lot to Target. I hoped to find a pair of olive green chinos that have been on my mind but no luck. I am a 32×32 which is a common size so finding pants unless I unbox them myself is difficult.  

By now we have been out enough so we head back home. 

Around 6:30pm we walk through the door and start to whine down. I hook up the pc and, yes you guessed it, “Seven Seconds. As we almost finished episode nine, 7 minutes to go, my 9pm conference call alert goes off. So close. While I listened in on the call we took a drive to Chipotle for take-out.  

Back in the house, we sit at the table and enjoy our meals. have to say, this woman I spend my days with will one day become my bride. She believes in me, my work and need to become an entrepreneur. We spend the next 2 and a half hours practicing my presentation for a potential client providing me honest feedback and encouragement. She is truly remarkable! 


(photo found on Google images)


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