Well Rested!

March 15, 2018 

I woke up feeling fresh! 

My morning went as usual. Up at 7:30am, I grabbed my Bluetooth, brushed my teeth, and sat in front in of the computer. Mom is feeling worse than ever so since I am off from work my nephew and I get to spend the day together.  

As he laid in his play pin and drank his bottle I laid on the couch reading the book How Successful People Think by Maxwell. He was a very tired baby today. So tired that he didn’t even finish his bottle, only having enough energy to get through 2 ounces. I even tried to hold the bottle for him because sometimes he just wants a hand. No luck, he’s out. While he slept I worked on new ideas for the blog. I typed up some topics that I plan on introducing and did some edits on future post.  

When my nephew woke up for his second bottle we had breakfast together. Since my wisdom teeth removal, I have not had a bowl a cereal. It has been an exact week without eating the one thing I love the most for breakfast. Afterwards I had a cup of lemon tea to sooth and warm myself up. 

My nephew fought his nap for about an hour. Typically, he puts himself to sleep but today he need some help. It has been a while since I actually had to rock him to bed. It felt comforting to the both of us. So comforting that I ended up falling asleep with him. I laid him his play in and got comfortable on the couch to make sure he fully fell asleep not knowing that I would wake up 2 hours later to the sound of his nails scratching the mesh wall that surrounded him. Crap, there goes my time! 

My sister got home around 6:30pm. It was perfect timing because I needed to shower and get ready to leave. I wanted to leave the baby with my mother but she was avoiding him all day to keep him from getting sick I could not do that. I let my sister settle in and then gathered my clothes. I quickly hoped in the shower, shaved my face and took off.  

My girlfriends mother was cooking dinner tonight. I have not had one of her meals in a while so I was excited! I got to her house an hour later said my hellos and was ready to chow down. On my plate sat yellow rice, beans, pernil (slow-roasted marinated pork), and sausage of some kind. Truly delicious! 

After dinner I hooked up my girlfriend’s laptop to the 55 inch TV in the living room and logged into Netflix. Of course, we had to watch itSeven Seconds has become our small addiction. Every time were together that is the main event and we cannot wait. We watched two episodes and called it a night. 

I left a little before 12am getting home shortly after that. Now I am ready for bed! 



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