It’s Monday!

March 12, 2018 

Like every week before, Monday is as smooth as well geared clocked. I woke up ay 7:30 in the morning feeling great and ready to concur. Washed up, got dressed, and had breakfast. Super simple meal, four pieces of Thomas’ Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread and a bottle of water. Healthy!? 

I left the house at 9:15am and made my usual Monday stop at Teixeira’s Bakery. I picked up six custard cups, six hoagie rolls and two cappuccinos. It is a MUST every time I step foot in that place. I got into Jersey City with ease and parked my car at 10:30.  

During my drive I started a new audiobook called “Serial Winner by Larry Weidel. It is over a five hour book and seems interesting so far. Throughout my drive I was able to listen to a little more than an hour. When I get further into the book I will leave some notes on what I took from it. 

Work was slow today. We did not do much business but we were able to prep for dinner.  

We packed up around 3pm and hit the road by 3:30. We made a pit stop at 99 Ranch to pick up a few things for dinner. Since I was there I picked up a couple cans of UCC Original Coffee and Japanese style Castella Sponge Cakecheese flavorI had to make the obvious stop at Coco Fresh Tea & Juice and get myself something to drink. Today I ordered vanilla milk tea with aloe chunks.  

I got home around 4:30. Showered up. Then jumped on the PS4 for some R&R. I played FortNite with my best friend from Texas. I have not played the game since it came out so I was beyond rusty. We barely made it through a round.  

I only gamed for about an hour and then got ready for the office. I tried a new combination of clothes today that I think looked pretty darn good. Try to picture it – medium grey chino pants, pink button up shirt, brown belt and brown wing tip shoes. The only thing missing was a nice brown watch. I do have two brown watches but one of them is not dressy and the other has a cracked band. No good! 

Our company recently released a new presentation for our Business and Money Seminar. Typically, we use our own in-house presentation but the head of our office decided to try out the new one. Whether or not I will actually use it is a different story. In my opinion our old outdated presentation flows better. I will try it a few times but no guarantees it will stick. 

I got home at 9:30pm and changed into some very comfortable sleep wear. Sweats and a sweat shirt. After getting comfortable I logged onto Twitch and loaded up a new Word document. Here I am now and honestly ready for bed.  

(photos found on Google images)


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