Top 5 Subscriptions!

YouTube is one of the largest and busiest video platforms on the web. It consists of millions of videos that can be watched on a phone, tablet, gaming console and computer. With over 400 hours of content being uploaded every minute! You can watch videos on just about anything. Cooking, exercising, car repairs, gardening, gaming, reviews and so much more.

They even have a live TV subscription that allows you to view over 50 popular cable networks (depending on zip code) for a monthly fee. They also have another service called YouTube Red that cuts out the ads from videos and music, allows you to watch and listen offline, and have access to their own movies and series.

I have been using YouTube since its release in 2005 and have yet to be disappointed. My channel subscriptions keep me entertained and provides me with an escape from a busy day. Certain channels keep me encouraged to succeed and I will forever be grateful for the lessons I have learned. I am subscribed to a little over 40 channels but there are five that I visit almost daily and maybe even more than once.

Here are my Top 5 YouTube channels:

  1. DashieGames 
  2. CrazyRussianHacker 
  3. DavidSoComedy 
  4. Joe Santagato 
  5. Unbox Therapy 

You have probably heard, watched and subscribed to them but if not, check them out. Clickety Click!

What do you like to watch? Do you own a channel of your own? And what is it?

(photos taken from YouTube and placed perfectly)





Business Insider – Kevin Tran


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